I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yang terlewatkan.........

Anyone who has crush on with S07??? Wawa loves S07 much and the guy who always win her heart is Duta S07...Always him..Either the real Duta or the clon or the fake one...Hehehehe. Opps "terlebih sudah".....But, sometimes things happened unexpectedly and without We realized it. I think when I became at the age, the words crush and love is defined differently compared to before. I learned a lot from Ina so do Wawa. Ina is so optimistic than other Mangkok...Hahaha..I wish she was with us during that time. Neither I or Wawa are so what we called it conservative. Yes...I was very conservative that time. I didn't give a support to Wawa to express her feeling. Actually not didn't give a support but didn't push her to confess. Yes, actually Ina is right in this sense. She was onced asked us "what makes U hurt most???" 1) U'd express ur feeling but got rejected or 2) U've got to know that actually Someone that U admire has the same feeling with U before He is in a relationship with anyone else. So, what hurt U the most guys??? shameful of got rejected or losing someone that U love who actually has the same feeling as yours? Huhuhu...I dare to shame than LOSING!!! But, what a waste,,..I was a conservative person that time as well as Wawa..Gomenasai!!! Hontouni gomenasai!!! So, the moral value is If U found that U love someone/ admire/ crush just tell him or her before it's late....Yang terlewatkan.....However, to Wawa and other friends, since it happened this way...Let's hope if ada jodoh X kemana..."If he's right for you, He'll find U and U'll find him" BUT next time JUST TELL...Xrugi pom...Kan..Regret is something that for me I can't handle it...It's such a...I mean arghhhhhh..and remember There's no perigi cari timba or what..No such thing...So what??? perigi cari timba ke....Bacin!!! Hehehehe. Gambate.............!
Kemana kau selama ini
Bidadari yang kunanti
Kenapa baru sekarang
Kita dipertemukan

Sesal takkan ada arti
Karna semua telah terjadi
Kini kau telah menjalani
Sisa hidup dengannya

Mungkin salahku… Melewatkanmu…
Tak mencarimu… Sepenuh hati…
Maafkan aku…

Kesalahanku… Melewatkanmu…
Hingga kau kini… Dengan yang lain…
Maafkan aku…

Jika berulang kembali
Kau tak akan terlewati
Segenap hati kucari
Dimana kau berada

Walau ku terlambat
Kau tetap yang terhebat
Melihatmu… Mendengarmu…
Kaulah yang terhebat

I dun want to regret anymore..That's feeling was like a disaster...
Thanks for the memories.'. 6019
I love this painting tissue and the first rose that I've ever had...Tq
I want to be stubborn because it was him. Ku benar-benar cinta?. Maybe/ probably.
Sayang, ku benar-benar cinta…

Semalaman ku tak kering mata
Didukung kekabu melapik pilu
Mengharap esok bisa menjanjikan sebuah lembaran baru

Sejak kita berdua berpisah
Aku tak habis-habis gelisah
Apakah itu tandanya bahawa…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Semalaman lagi bersendiri
Parahnya diseksa sunyi sepi
Beginikah perasaan pabila kita disisih cinta

Ku sangka ku tabah berdikari
Rupanya rapuh untuk berdiri
Kembalilah kau kepada ku kerana…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

p/s:Love the melody of this song and besides, this song is created by Edry Abd Halim so U should know the answer...Aku bukan jiwang..hehe..Psstttt..
x.o.x.o gossip girl

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movies that I am looking forward to...

I dunno that I'm actually into this movie genre..I mean romantic movie genre. Hurm well, actually sometimes U want to watch a movie because of your favourite actor or actress was in that movie..Most of the movie that I watched because of that and sometimes because of my friends told me that "this movie is incredibly amazing" or U watched the movie trailer while waiting for the movie to start in the cinema. Yes because of these external factors. For example, Wawa and I knew about this movie a month ago. We were waiting for the movie "He's just not that into You" to start and then, the add of this movie was coming out and then We decided to watch it. Ghost of Girlfriends Past. Moreover, I love seeing hot father like Mathew Mccoughney and he did surfing.Kakoiiiii! So, catch this movie this 30th July 2009........See Ya!

Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock??? Tell me tell me..OMG, She's one of the sexiest woman in the world..For me!
I knew this movie when I searched for
"The Ugly truth" at GSC official website.
Just looking all the movies that will be screening on July and this is one of the movie that will...............be screening on 30th July which is similar with "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". So that., I've decided to watch two movies in one day...I dun want to wait because it will not working ..
Time consuming....Huhuhuhu
Hehe, this movie reminds me towards something / someone;there will be someday that I prabably might do the same...X.o.x.o gossip girl

I will always love Katherine Heigl..You know why? Because She always speaks
her mind....That's woman in the 21st century should be. Do whatever U want and
Just say whatever U think once
it is reasonable, wise, Just being honest....
Challenge yourself!!! Yes I love this....
The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Pictures’ comedy The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a
romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She’s in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.
This movie will be in cinema on October 1st 2009
Dun forget to go and watch!

Mangkok at Baskin

My fav flavour-Chocolote Trilogy. Top coat-Gummy bears, Wet coat-Chocolate

Sarangae, Hurm yummy erk......Hehe ..Did u know that Baskin has about 1000 types of ice cream flavour????

Orang kate,,...Money is everything,.Even maybe there are still people who didn't agreed wit that but I..I'm sure Mangkok felt the same that "Money is EVERYTHING" for us..
Taking this as an example,...Ade duit semua bleh jalan..So, Keep up our hard work and jadi org yg "jeng jeng" I mean an educated/ professional person...I tell u what, Wawa and I are lucky as well as Mangkok because kitorang dikelilingi oleh people yg "jeng jeng". Profesor Madya Dr ok...yg salary dioram..Hoiiiii!!!! Jgn ckp la...Ade buku cek sendiri...Ermm what can I say? Last time We had a seminar..ONE day seminar at Equatorial Hotel and our boss aka our lecturer can say to the receptionist "RM2000? Why is that so CHEAP?" OMG!!!!!
Well, there is not a big problem to people "jeng jeng" like them........Maybe Rm 2000 tu is like RM200 for them....RM200 is still a large amount for us..Kan...Huhuhuhu. So, Gambate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *curious ble nk jd "jeng jeng"?

Kawan AKU yang paling Poyo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hbs ak x Poyo? Hehe..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manchester United VS Malaysia

*Amri Yahya is ready to strike................

5minutes with Amri Yahya

Can you comment on the game and your unexpected goals?
As you know everyone thought we would get a trashing. I never thought I could do this — score twice — but luck was on my side. I owe it to team spirit and teamwork.
What has been the response so far?
I am back at training. But I have been receiving so many calls congratulating me.
After your heroic performance for Malaysia in the game against the reigning English champions, your name will now be etched in football fans’ minds outside Malaysia? How do your feel?
Biasa lah. Nothing has changed for me. I am not expecting to be rewarded or anything like that. I am happy doing what I like.
Who is your favourite player?
Many. But I always admired Thierry Henry of France and Barcelona fame.
Which is your favourite club?
Any local football idol?
Sorry lah. I don’t think so

*Source The Sunday Mail

Got Jealous? Hehehe. You can buy the 'tali' at "pasar malam" but not my Converse shoes la.

It's before the game starts

It's 1.30PM so It's so HOT!!!!! But United Fan's are Cool and Amazing though

Berbatov, Dun be lazy, dude! Run!!!!

Football unites people around the world

Owhh I love writing this post...How could I describe my feelings now?...Even the match had past 3 days ago but I will never forget that day.Really.First time entering the stadium, seeing, watching Giggs, Scholes, Rooney Live..OMG *my dream*
Not only that, it was my first time watching "Harimau Melaya" playing on the field and get to know who is actually Indra Putra, Zamani Misbah who has being talked by my younger brother all the time.

Yes, it is an unforgetful experience. I dunno why, I found that;on that day, even I wore Red colour's from head to toe but during the game I was the one who sit in the front who was so excited onced Amri Yahya scored the goal. Maybe like Mr V said in his blog, first and foremost;

"I AM MALAYSIAN!!" Yes, absolutely. Even maybe it's quite grave offence support both team at the same game like Mr V said but I feel release by doing so at least I didn't give a sh** to my own National Player. In fact, when I entered the stadium I feel sorry for "Harimau Melaya" who has less supporters compared to manyoo. That was not really irritated me but the most f***ing sh** was I couldn't stand when there were Malaysian who said sh** to our players; I mean our National Team players.
OMG, Are you Malaysian? I dun mind if you wore manyoo shirt or jersey and support your team and you just keep your mouth shut but it was really annoyed when you talking nonsense about your own National players.We are Malaysian first and foremost. I am also manyoo fans but I didn't give a sh*** because I am Malaysian. Honestly, when I was there on my seat which surrounded by manyoo fans and there were 3 good friends who wore black stripes jersey; I was curious do they really want to give a support to "Harimau Melaya" or they were just an enemy or anti-manyoo? Therefore,they wore black stripes shirt and jersey? No, actually they are really "Harimau Melaya" supporters.
Great, ne?

Another thing that made me feel disgusting by manyoo fans was when they said 'boooooooooooo' for those who wore our national team jersey's and t-shirt. What the f***, man!!!
I just thought dah la korang x support negara sendiri then you want to give a sh**. ?
Xkshla korang Xsupport Team Malaysia pom tp dun give a sh** la.
Semua tu TIDAK INDAH!!!!!!!!!! Why You'd just respect them. At least they proud to wear our national team's jersey. Whereas You??/

Ok la...whatever it is..........................................

Let's give some support to our National Team since We are Malaysian because I found that they can still improved in term of their skills. In fact, they'd improved a lot compared to before.
I just realized it now.......If kite xsupport negara sendiri who else? Even, sometimes rasa mcm nk belasah je cara dioram main but they still need our support. Yes!!! Who knows one day Harimau Melaya will be joining the World Cup. Who knows, Right? Turning impossible to possible! Yukan Club is all about.Hehe

X.o.X.o gossip girl

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Man United Training Session

B4 the training starts.......

I love Giggs

17th July 2009...Friday
I woke up early during that day.Bajet...I want to read something preparation for the evening's class since We (Wawa and I )decided to go to class (don't want to skip) instead of going to the training session. What a waste, ne? However, while I had my breakfast and Wawa in the washroom to take her bath she told me I'm going to watch MU...
Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. AKU pe lagi time tu, mesti la I will agree with it. So, We went to watch MU together with Oppa and Alia. Gerak dari rumah around 1PM. Had our lunch at Mc Donald Sungai Besi (Fast food..senang kan) Then, after that cepat2 gerak ke Bukit Jalil. It's 1PM so the traffic was still smooth. We park the car then enter the stadium. Kitorang bajet kitorang yang paling semangat cos awal giler datang.Hehe. But, ramai dah yang datang actually just to watch the training.Wow!!!
I don't know about Wawa but this is my first time entering the stadium even bukan pertama kali datang Bukit Jalil but first time datang tengok football match LIVE. Usually, I just watched on the television, je.Hehehe.
OMG, only God knows well how I feel. There were many feelings. Excited, Unbelieveable, Speechless, Sad (because We don't have SLR to take beautiful pictures)....All sort of things. Can U just imagine......the feeling yang selama ni korang tgk kt Tv kt rumah or mamak's stalls with your friends tetapi tetibe hari ni Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, O'shea, Nani, Evra, Rio, Berbatov were playing in front of your face. Can u imagine that?????
OH MY GOD.......Sugeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' (Japanese word means amazing, wow, beautiful). Ni pom aku speechless untuk menulis.Hehehhehehehe. Poyos!!!
So, check it out the pictures. Sorry because it's unclear enuff. I dun have SLR. Sedey kan.......Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu
AND guess what our class was cancelled so We actually make the right decision to go to the training at last minute.
x.o.x.o Gossip Girl