I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Journal of Mine-Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012-Malaysia Part 2

-----Short intermission-----
Well, our boys also need to drink something. Didn’t they?

The ‘not so big’ screen made an introduction----echo sound of--- I…I..need…..need….a…a… biggest…of ….thing….from….Big…Bang… if I was not mistaken. At first I thought they were gonna sing Monster since they put a greyscale short video. It was like in the Monster PV. But, no!! Most VIP in the stadium has lightened their blue LED. So u can tell what song’s next.  The verse in this song used to be my favourite for weeks after it was released ‘I’m singing my bluesssssssssssssssssssss’… wow!! the stadium was like a blue sea!! I guess the mission was successful! VIP rocks!!!!! And VIPs sang along the song with them! If u guys watched the video that some of fellow VIPs have recorded; U guys can hear how loud VIPs were singing together this song with the boys the fact that it was in an outdoor stadium. Who doesn’t love the song btw!! And hey, GD was wearing his skirt again….Ohhhhhhh he was so cute!! A fashion freak like him, didn’t care what others would think about him. I shouted his name just this once when he did his verse Gateun haneul dareun got neowana wiheomhanikka…... I can’t help myself. 

During this performance, I like seeing other members did the dancing while the other was singing. Very nice. 

TOP? Do u guys even have to ask? He was so handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I guess maybe because he was wearing glasses and some extra accessories like his big necklace and top of that his red skinny jeans. It just reminded me of his old days!! Young and fresh!!! The guy that I fell in love with! O.M.G. No worries, of course I did shout his name. That wasn’t me if I didn’t. hahhahahaha Why does TOP is so handsome and charming???????????? Can someone tell me???? His charming and handsome face is priceless!! It’s beyond my imagination!! His beatbox skill was nut (in a good way). If I want to say I wanna have his babies is that too much????? 

Do u guys like love song? Aahhahahah

han yeojaga meoreojyeoga namjaneun norae bureujiman nunmuri naneungeol ibyeoriran

Tabi, could u please not being hot and sexy? The opening of the song with Tabi’s sexy voice just make the song is all I wanted to hear that night!!! Ok maybe I was being bias again to say that and exaggerating a little. But, seriously!! Bingu TOP was so charming! I was clueless for a while. I was wondering why I kept singing ‘I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song I hate this love song’ when Tabi just make my heart race. It was because of GD’s sweet voice. He kept saying the phrase,/. I like the dance of this song ooh hoo nan ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh hoo and GD was doing all the dances part until the very end. He was so soft/ stable and really enjoying the show. I think he has practiced quite a lot of yoga before. Ahahha oh Captain!!! With his manly skirt.. Can u imagine that? Oh, Tabi!!! Seeing your awkward/ strange moves or we supposedly call it dance was all sexy and lascivious in my eyes. Dun worry TOP if u dun know how to dance; neither do I. We are even. Ahahahhaa. I shouted tee-o-pee just only once. Ohooooo. And Bae do u even have to say this verse i sarang noraega sirheo dasin an bureuri neoreul tteoolliji anke ijeul su itge passionately?? It just makes me wanna hug Bae this time for his nice, incredible deep-voiced!! 

Next was…..

I’ve never been a fan of ‘Monster’ up until I met my friend’s younger brother who is 7 years old who like the song so much and memorized the whole lyric. Cool, huh? There was one day, I met him and he kept singing the song. Then, after that, I became one of the fan! This is another song that using TOP’s voice in the beginning of the song. Oh I recognized his voice instantly!! I screamed so hard!!!! Shouted tee-o-pee, then GD….hahhahaha

Oraen-maniya mot bon sa-i geudaen eol-ku-ri chowa boyeo Yeppeojyeot-da neon hangsang nae nunen wonrae kowah boyeo

The performance was like the original PV started off with the sexy voice of Tabi and followed by GD, Tabi’s verse--GD’s verse. It was the same as the PV. Later, taking the mic was Bae and followed by Dae with an impressive verse; a fun part of the lyrics; a verse that people’d like to sing…………rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I shouted. VIPs went crazy!

I love you baby i’m not a monster Neon al-janha yejeon nae moseubeul shi-gani chinamyeon sarajyeo beoril tende keu ttaen al tende baby
I need you baby i’m not a monster Nal al-janha ireohke kajima neo majeo beorimyeon nan jugeobeoril tende i’m not a monster

Another verse that I’d like to sing it out loud----YOU DON’T SAY THAT TOMORROW!! Love it! Baby, nice job!!

Tee-o-pee during this performance changed his black glasses to his regular glasses. And this time he chose white colour. He was damn hottttttttttttttttt! I shouted his name again tee-o-pee. On the other hand, Having to watch Bae and Dae sang the song with enthusiastic way of singing just made all my tiredness, my sore throat just went away like nothing. They have a very lovely singing!!! Lovely voice. Both Bae and Dae. Yeah I still can sing!! I still remember I used all the voices that I have to sing the song. Ahahahha. Especially the Bae and Dae’s verse. It was so fun!! And believe it or not I also used my deep-voiced…using my vocal cords….stressed the consonants /d/ /g/… I really had so much fun!! We all did right? and this time my throat was seriously ill but that didn’t stop me to sing the next song..hahahaha The last part when Bong sang his final verse I think i’m sick i think i’m sick I think i’m sick i think i’m sick. The ‘not being loyal’ me shouted his name for second time…hahhhahahha I couldn’t control myself.. He was attractive!! Did I mention that there’s nothing of what he did not attractive? He’s good in that way. Credit him for that. Oh come on he’s a singer which also means entertainer. Of course he knows.. he has to! Ok maybe it was because I was influenced by sarangae who called his name two times too! :p why GD why??? Why do u want to attract me and taking me from Tabi..WHyyyyyyyyyyy? AHAHHAHHAHAHHHA after the song ended my throat was incredibly ill…I coughed 4 times.

After a short intermission..our boys were back again with ‘Feeling’

Bong: Woo woo wooo woo woo wooo
Bae: Malaysia, u all ready to party?
TOP: Party people
Bong: Yeah now. Big Bang together. Boys Noize in da house. Party people? (Bong was so happy asking the crowd----I can see he smiled!! OMG His smile????? Is everything!!!)

TOP: 1,2,3 Scream
Let’s move (back up singer?) here we go (Big Bang) Get loose (back up singer) ya’ll know (Big Bang)
We gon reach for the sky yup Party like our time’s up (back up singer + Big Bang)
Let’s move (back up singer) here we go (Big Bang) Get loose (back up singer) ya’ll know (Big Bang)
Throw your hand’s up in the air Jump on up like you don’t care (Big Bang)

Crazy as always…..yeah let’s keep this feelinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!! Let’s party!!! Tabi with his white glasses….OMG I dunno what to say anymore…..I thank God for bringing this old Tabi!!! Did I mention young and fresh before.? Yeah that’s Tabi on this performance. Without changing anything---white glasses, long sleeve T’s, (damnnnnnnnnn sexy) red skinny jeans…ASDFGHJKL!!!!! Do not stop this feeling Tabi!!………that’s the song after all….

His rapping??? Do u guys remember the Tabi 3,4 years ago? That night was like 3,4 years ago..but of course much better!

Kkamppagineun golmok karodeung beon-cheokkeorineun bulbit hana dul Chinsukhan gipeun bam da neukkyeo ni-ga nu-gudeun Namye nun-chi bol pilyo-ga eom-neun seoul kkwahk chan bilding sup sok…………… 

tee o-pee…………………………. I shouted

Hwiihwahng-chanran han i bam modeun ge kangryeorhajiman do not close ur beautiful eyes Tabi!!!!!! U makes my heart broken. Did u guys remember? He did close his beautiful eyes during that verse. What else can I say????? I feel like jumping over him at that moment. I jump for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It was a nice performance. The lighting Oh God!! It was blinking like u were in the disco. Music? Not really a hard core type of music but still U can party. I like that!! So I guess now u guys can tell why they put this track in the Alive Special Edition EP not the regular version one. 

Seeing our boys is all that matters!!! And Dae!!! I just realized He smiledddddddd during this performance. Oh yes, I forgot!!! there was also one part when GD put his left hand on Bae’s shoulder!! Oh be careful Bae, Tabi might get jealous..ahahhahahahaha 

and hey if u guys have a close look and focus on the performance u can also see the old Bae…. With his red vadana/ handkerchief that he put on his head…ring a bell? I like what he did for his hair. It suits him well. Our Captain was still with his manly skirt…….no comment cute as always!!! U can even watch his amazing move in this video by ryejahat@ youtube---thanks for sharing darl!

while singing this verse… Hey my baby i’m your daddy Lo-ong nan idaero ashwii-um namgin chaero (Translation of the verse: Hey my baby I’m your daddy Look, I can’t let you go with this reluctant feeling) he imitated like he was a crying baby…(touching his cute eyes). Sat down on the stage... Go check guys!! It was cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!! See what he did for his legs? At 1:51 OMGGGGGGGGGGG. With his manly skirt…OMG…LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO….So now am I to blame if I was impressed with his cuteness? Of course I shouted his name once during this cute movement…but I did shout tee-o-pee first.. I guess I was still in the right track.

And look at how crazy our captain was……at 3.09 

I’m crazy more than ever I’m crazy more than ever I’m crazy more than ever I’m crazy more than ever I’m crazy more than ever
He even made his usual sign………with his manly skirt……. OH CAPTAIN!!!! I’M CRAZY MORE THAN EVER SEEING U LIKE THAT!!!! Do u guys even remember in Big Show Big Bang Concert 2011 he let the fans touch his face….. during Koe o Kikasete performance?? I guess he can play because Bae, Dae and Baby did all the singing. Tabi and Bong did the fan service. GD let his fans touch his face..Tabi shook hands with VIPs….Ohhhhh I really wanted to go to their concert…so bad!!!! Let me remind u with the pic…..

Everybody scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby asked the crowd!!

Everybody claps ur hands …clap ur hands everybody!!!! Tabi said after that……
WHY CAPTAIN WHYYYYYYYYYYY? WHY do u want to steal me from my Tabi????? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Ahahhahah

There was funny part when I heard my recording back…some VIPs even shouted GD’s name like someone who was irrational…unconscious…..high…..or even drunk….

GD!!!!!!! Ah……Ah… Ah…….GD……I can understand her feeling…..seriously….. the show was so hectic! GD was cute, pleasant that is impossible for anyone not to like him….

After almost 4 minutes intermission, our talented Bae came out with his two solo songs!! Both are my favourite. “Look only at Me”  and “Wedding Dress”. For those who have never been a fan of Bae; should start checking on him!! For Bae’s VIPs….Guys, U chose the right one; I didn’t mean that other VIPs chose the wrong one.! WHY SO SERIOUS? I mean seriously guys..after all this time I knew Bae for his song…I ONLY like his songs!!… Never been a fan of him---It’s like right now I like Justin Bieber’s song but not the individual JB…Nahhhhhhh not a fan!! After watching Bae’s performance, getting to know the individual Bae; how incredible his American slang when he speaks in English, how lovely his voice was; how cool he was when he acted professionally even he slipped during the performance (very badly); improvised and just continue singing…his dance???? I dunno how to describe it!! I’m willing to pay more just to listen to his solo performance…So his solo performance went like this…He opened it with ‘Look only at Me’….. Haruedo myeot beonssik neol bomyeo useo nan Su baek beon malhaetjanha you’re the love of my life Geojitdoen sesang sok buranhan nae mamsok Ojik na mitneun geon neo hana ppunirago

He only sang half of the song so it’s kind of sad,..I did shout his name of course three times; Sarangae did too.. That short performance was just like everything for me… His lovely voice?? OMG!!.I guess I really should go to their real concert for me to be able to listen full of the song…… and the meaning of the song; who’d be crazy enuff to cheat on Tae Yang??? Do u guys remember the song’s PV..It was like 4 years ago but I still remember----of the last part of the video when the whole cheating thing was just his dream----hahhhahahaha…He dreamed that his gf cheated on him with BONG, BABY, DAE and lastly Tabi… *Go check on it!!* one of my favourite PV! Go check cute, not serious Bae on the last part of PV when he was awake; looking at his GF and said hisyyyyy (in a cute way of expression..come on Bae? The brutal Bae?). hahahah sorry I was supposed to remind u about the concert but I keep reminding u of his PV…I can’t help… sorry guys… Ok let’s back to his solo performance that night,..hurm………I was so impressed by him.. he’s so cool..he slipped very badly…when he was so concentrate on his next song…….”Wedding Dress”

…………. jeoldae pijima babyyyyyyyyyyyy
………..non naman barabwa (The lyrics said even if I cheated on u, U only Look at Me..Hahhahhaha Bae, hell No)

I’ve never memorized the song but I guess I can sing quite well some of the verse…hahahahaah…. Did I mention that I like the song? 

Niga geuwa datugo
Ttaeron geu ttaeme ulgo
Himdeureo hal ttaemyeon nan huimangeul neukkigo
Amudo moreuge mam a-a-apeugo
Nijageun ,……. (Rightttttt this phrase!!! He slipped it out ) misomyeon tto damdamhaejigo

PITY BAE!!!!  Tae Yang I screamedddddddddddd---kenchana??? (are u ok in Korean)

Oh Nega ibeun wedingdeureseu
Nega ibeun wedingdeureseu
Nega ibeun wedingdeureseu (VIPs favourite verse)

 It reminded me,..there was one time after he released the single; I updated my FB status with—“I think I fell for the wedding dress guy!” Ahhahhaha and my friend Ling asked me Tae Yang? Ehhhh hontou ni? (really in Japanese). Sometimes, u dun plan to like someone…don’t u? I like the song…the story behind it..oh what a melancholy!! It reminded me sometimes u’ve got to say what’s inside ur heart….people wouldn’t know if u dun say it..ok… Ok back to his performance,…His voice has no lack!! His expressions??,… The pain and heartache was written all over his face.. U dun have to know/ master Hanguk/ Korean language in order to understand what was the meaning of the song… or what he wanted to deliver during the performance…ok maybe I was just exaggerating a little but seriously.. U would know that it was a sad song... For VIPs who have followed his solo activity.. I mean who had his album or used to watch the PV and checked the lyrics with the translation will even more appreciate the song.. Oh.. My interest for him grew stronger after the concert….. because I like the song… I had all the wedding dress performances… I watched most of the performances… But that time, it’s not because of Bae himself but only because the song was nice…but today,.. at the moment I guess the song has taken all the NON-Tae Yang VIP to become Tae Yang VIP because of his voice too not the song alone… Even though the song is so depressing, I still like the performance, the song, the PV because they have Taeyang's gorgeous vocals and smooth dance moves. He put himself into ‘the guy’ shoes therefore he was able to convey the message…easily…. I could totally imagine him doing something like this in real life. I don't see how he expected the girl to recognize his real feelings when he never expressed them?.  I wish Taeyang could have told her the truth or at least give a hint; at least once. Nonetheless, I still love both the video and song. Of course I love his performance during the concert. I even hoped he would sing the whole song not just some part of that but as whole… Did u guys watch the PV before?? Did u guys remember the meaning of the song? I guess the arrangement of the songs during the concert was perfect….well, after u had party with the ‘Feeling’ and next U had to listen to a break-up love song… I'm not a real fan of melodramatic love stories but this song I instantly loved it. Compared to ‘I need a girl’ I’d chose this. This song is better.. The last part of his performance; I shouted his name again! :P the song is one of my all-time favourites. I can’t resist! Without second thought!

WINGS---- A Star Trek All His Own

Now, onto Dae. The best way for me to describe his performance is-----his musical was somewhat folksy, somewhat breathy, somewhat pleasant, catchy and the music sounds instantly classic! I like that!!! I’ve never seen Dae as goofy as the night… I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! He won me over. His goofy demeanour and commanding stage made him going solo looks easy. His vocals reminiscent of someone but I can’t remember it right now…. The VIPs were almost as entertaining as the performers on stage. The super-spirited Dae just taking all the VIPs vocals… Sarangae and I shouted Dae’s name once we heard the music… Some VIPs who were sitting in front of us screamed Dae Sung Dae Sung Dae Sung Dae Sung.. Actually the whole stadium did shout DAESUNG!!  just the same when we wanted Dae to tell us the secret… We followed them shouting. Hahha.. The sound of guitar or bass were all harmonized and the way he opened with the first verse of the lyric….. today….oneul…….. that were all nicely singing.. Did u guys realize that Dae did jump on the stage during the performance.??. He even said Malaysiaaaaa!!  Malaysia VIPs who were in high-spirited seems to enjoy helping Dae with ye iye ye iye ye iye. Seeing him jumping on the stage; yeahhhhhh that’s our Dae!! Super-spirited Dae let the audience thought that ‘This moment is my stage performance not Big Bang so I’m gonna giving it all out’……..I guess that what makes the performance was not awkward at all!! With ‘jumping’ Dae….. before he ended his performance made the crowd ecstatic!! That’s what we asked for, right?

I've always wondered why anyone would pay 600 dollar for a concert ticket. But now I guess I have no doubt about it… ahahhaha

하루하루, written by the most talented leader in KPOP industry G-DRAGON, Composed by him and Daishi Dance; I know that they wouldn’t leave without doing the acoustic version of 하루하루 , one of the happier breakup songs you’re likely to hear and sing!!. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT JUST REMINDED ME OF SIX YEARS AGO!!

And that time no one shined quite as brightly as Mr. TOP himself. I shouted tee-0-peeeeeeeeeeee three times during the performance. The way he did his part of the song was all charming to me that my heart tears into pieces for hundred times now. I really wanted to cry that time. Seeing him……. Seeing Big Bang in front of me was all fantastic and I swear I would never forget this moment. With Bae and Dae who have tremendous voice……..I have no words to describe that. Baby, was sweet as ever. Captain??? I hoped he would feel proud to have us as their fans! Needless to say, the diversity was dazzling: all ages, all races, and styles of dress…..all together singing their song!!! What a very beautiful song………. Captain, why are u so talented? So versatile? So perfect for us? WHYYYYYYY? And TOPPPPPPP DO U REALLY HAVE TO BE SO HANDSOMEEEEEEEEEEEE?

I was lucky enuff to be able to sing together with them and thousands of VIP during the concert. WE SANG MOST OF THE VERSE!!! And smilesssssss.? Of course I smiled a lottttttttttttttttttt.. For some, this was a first, a first Big Bang concert, a first time meeting and it was a night full of rewarding, warm feelings; a rush of lightning, a jolt of joy that produced streetlights from our lips. 

The first half was, among many things, modest. A warm on Big Bang’s faces reminded us that they've been touring this thing for a minute. I DUN WANT THEM TO LEAVE! But like a plane approaching lift off, they found a burst of energy as the show progressed. THEY ARE ONLY A HUMAN LIKE US!!! HARU HARU JINAMYEON!! I love that part!!

After giving everyone enough time to catch their breath; IT WAS OUR TURN to show our talent to the Captain and the whole members;’,……….. and this timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MY HEART BURSTTTTTTTTTTT………. 

Captain G: U guys know the song right, ? Pls sing it for me now. Come on Malaysia Come on now..1,2,3 go
VIPs: Dorabojimalgo tteonagara
Tto nareul chatjimalgo saragara (Captain G: Beautiful)
Neoreul saranghaetgie huhoeeopgie
Johatdeon gieongman gajyeogara
Geureokjeoreok chamabolmanhae
Geureokjeoreok gyeondyeonaelmanhae
Neon geureolsurok haengbokhaeyadwae
Haru haru

I DIDN’T KNOW where all my confidence came from. I remember the lyrics… I sang quite well,….Haru Haru was a beautiful piece!! Singing the song during the concert was a worthwhile experience and WOW! FANTASTIC BABY!!!

The song was extremely beautiful and moving!!...I remember being there and the whole occasion bring the audience to tears…

After the song has ended; with the Captain G’s TQ…We sang H.A.P.P.Y B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y T.O.P Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday to u; Bae who realized of what we were saying together with us wishing TOP, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!!! We kind of a little impatient as we almost ignore Captain’s talking……

Seeing TOP who cried on the stage I screamed tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeee three times..I even shouted TOP, SARANGAE!! SENGEIL CHUKKA YO!!

Baby: We love u TOP
Bong: Another show we heading to the end..but it’s not over yet. Do U want more right? WE want some more too. We had such a great time in here. TQ MALAYSIA. TQ
Uhuuuuuuuuuu GD I shouted!

Bae: How are u guys doing so far? U guys have fun? We had fantastic time. TQ FOR SUCH A MEMORABLE TIME I hope u guys still supporting us even though it’s time to say goodbye. We promise that we’r gonna be here very soon. I love Malaysia

Bong: Ok This is our first night in Malaysia. We will never forget tonight. Wo ho absolutely amazing u guys…wonderful..really. everyday everynight we have numbers of show but u guys are the best. All the board, posters, photos..I wanna say that more..so.I wanna say TQ..

I shouted GDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD two times

Tabi: I’m very excited to be with u guys. Tonight is all for u!! TQ Malaysia. U are amazing crowd. I remember every single faces; please take care till the day we meet again. TQ so much! (MY HEARTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT BREAKS)

Tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I shouted.. cannot count how many this time

Baby: TQ for all coming to us. Big time. I love this place. U ARE THE BEST CROWD EVER! I knew that u guys will be there for us even though this raining. So, Thank you so much. I love u Malaysia. 

Dae: I love that..I’m so happy to visit all of u guys. all around the world We will try for u guys. Also I will there for u guys. Tq for supporting us. We love u

Bae: yo We love u Malaysia. We hope u guys enjoy the show till the end

Bong: So Big Bang Galaxy Tour 2012 is now time to say goodbye so..


Bae: it’s called Lie
After a brief talk……………

Bae: put ur hands in the air, throw ur hands up in the air 3 times

Baby: Pls sing it together

Although this composer is still young, he has produced many quality pieces of music. 거짓말 will always be my all-time favourite song like 하루하루 too!!! The show was stolen by the vibrant and colourful music, giving the concert an extra boost. I didn’t know where the lyrics came from my mouth that night…. I can sing the song..OMG… Baby who liked to interact with the audience let the fans sing it together with them.. It was a great opportunity!!

I’m so sorry but I love you da geo-jis-mar
I-ya mor-rass-eo i-je-ya ar-ass-eo ne-ga pir-yo-hae
I’m so sorry but I love you nar-ka-ro-un mar
Hwas-gim-e na-do mo-reu-ge neor tteo-na-bo-naess-ji-man
I’m so sorry but I love you da geo-jis-mar

Tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I screamed………………
Nan honja geu amudo amudo mollae………

After finished his line He did ‘his sarangae’ by putting both of his hands on the head as the love symbol/ shape can be seen the whole crowd. My sweetest guy ever.!! With his strange hat on his head…. None of that matters!! He’s superrrrrrrrrrr handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And so cooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll !! I LIKE BOTH NEW and OLD TOP……!!!

The melody of the song set the energetic mood for a party from the beginning till the end…it was so fun…we were like flying to the moon…and we didn’t care about others.as we just wanted to have fun..As the passion of the song heated up, with all the instruments were in accompaniment …..VIPs…through times since melody takes them far away, in a secret place where dreams and reality meets. I was amazed with Tabi’s rapping as always… tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I shouted… 3 TIMES I GUESS this time

Hor-ro nam-gyeo-jin oe-tor-i
Geu sog-e he-me-neun nae kkor-i
Ju-meo-ni sog-e kko-gis-kko-gis
Jeob-eo-dun i-byeor-eur hyang-han jjog-ji (hey)

This lines..his lines connect on every part of my body!!!! I COULDN’T CONTROL MYSELF ANYMORE THIS TIME!! OH GOD HOW I LOVE THIS GUY SO MUCH!!  The notion of being a rapper is more a matter of on-stage attitude, I think: TOP’s roots amazing way of rapping is an evident why he did win award before he entered YG. That time his stage name was Tempo…. Yeah he really knows how to tempt the audiences. I even moved my hand like this.. when he said his lines… he used to spin his hands like the pic below… I did that with my crown stick…hahahhahaha

And btw, TOP made cooperation with Dae…Bong with Bae….four of them danced together.. it really set the mood and made the audience were like jumping into the sky!! U guys know the dance of this song right??
And the song set the unity themes that one can hardly hear in any other genre of music nowadays…. I mean in other KPOP songs…..

 Yeah (love is pain) dedicated to all my broken hearted people…

I was wondering why our Captain liked to write the sad songs…. And btw, I saw Captain’s smile again this time…..so cuteeeeeeeeee!!

The guitar took a major role in this song. There was a part where I felt like I was at the end of a long journey and feeling the sadness because of its ending. The performance was almost at the end stage. However as the movement reached its end, the music became faster and therefore a bit more natural rather than depressed. This transition made me feel like I was kind of happy for finishing my journey. Big bang was able to deliver an unforgettable performance/ memory as they promised…to be cherished by their fans for a long time to come!!! I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE U TOP!!

Baby: Are you ready?
TOP: Are u ready?
Bong: Malaysia, make some noise….
Yes! Big Bang is back! Haha!
Most definitely, incredible! Hey move!
B to the I to the G (Bang Bang)
B to the I to the G (Bang Bang)
B to the I to the G (Bang Bang)
About love!
Bong: Let me hear u say yeah, say yeah

Last Farewell was next!! One of my favourite songs from Big Bang. They gracefully hooked into the engaging pop+ hip hop percussiveness of their song that had a nearly obsolete amount of drum hardware attached to it this time.

There’s something to be said for the power of unbridled (good way), incredible enthusiasm, of which Big Bang has no shortage. .I spent the first few second relentlessly to this upbeat song wondering how long Big Bang could keep this performance up and keep the VIPs high… and I was amazed our boys did until the end!! THAT’S FOR SURE… BIG BANG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that’s all I wanted to hear!!!

When GD was doing his lines, I screamed GDDDDDDD.. Sarangae did too. That was the first time I saw enthusiastic Sarangae towards GD!! She shouted GD’s name from time to time…

[GD] Miromirosoge gachin gil ireun bangnangjamanyang idojeodo motae nan manyang…………….

I don’t wanna be without you girl majimak insaneun jeobeodugil barae
Oneul dan harumankeumeun I don’t wanna be without you girl nae seotun maeum

I saw most of the members smiled more during the performance…. And the dance part..ahhahaha they were so cute.. TOP was cuteeeeeee with his dance… OH TOP!! Since he is one of the coolest guy that I know… it was amazing seeing him doing that!! Last Farewell is a must-know song…. For VIPs… I guess…. same as Lie and Haru Haru….. Because of Lie, most people got to know about Big Bang! The lyric was beautiful too.!! And Haru Haru..the song is like an epic!!! It was hard to not like the song!!! During the performance, I became more sad as the have-to-say-goodbye thing was so quick.. I told Sarangae that I STILL WANTED MORE!! I haven’t prepared to say goodbye just yet. I haven’t satisfied with their performance; I wanted to listen more. I still want to sing.!! But, all the stories in the world have its end…right? So did the meeting thing, the concert… That’s the reality of it.. the certainty of it… 

Bae ended with……..
Bae: Malaysia bagus! I love u Malaysia……
The crowd kept shouting for an encore! Encore encore encore encore, we want more we want more…. Sarangae and I helped one of the Chinese VIP who was standing in front of us…she was so soft---shouting encore encore..hahhahaha…not like us who was so enthusiastic and because of that we almost lose our voice that night…

After a brief intermission 

24/7----BIG BANG is like my ‘Heaven’…. TOP is my MUSE!!!

Bae: Can we get an encore. Do u want more U guys ready? yeah ready?
VIPs: yeah
Bae: Ok let’s go

It’s suck to say that this is also one of my favourites song from Big Bang. (the fact that I like all of their songs!! Hehhe ) Some VIPs might like the Japanese version of it but as for me; I like the Korean one!!!!!!!!!!! 

24/7 geudaen yeongwonhan HEAVEN
24/7 geudaen namanui HEAVEN
24/7 geudaen yeongwonhan HEAVEN

Majimak il jul aratdeon dubeon dasi an ol jul aratdeon……………

GD started his lines with an ecstatic way make me shout his name GDDDDDDDD. And when they were all singing these lines…..
Neoreul saranghae (MY LOVE LOVE)
Neoreul bureune (OH MY LOVE LOVE)
Neoreul gieokhae (MY LOVE LOVE)
Neoreul gidarine (YO MY LOVE)
Geudaeui mal hanmadi
Saranghandaneun geu hanmadi
Neoreul saranghae (OH MY LOVE LOVE)
Neoreul gieokhae (neoui jeonbureul gieokhae)….

I was hoping that I had more space to dance..the only dance that I really like from Big Bang was from this song…. After the first chorus…
TOP shouted to the crowd I love u guys…. Insanely, I screamed I love u too……. TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Bae screamed Malaysia, AKU CINTA PADAMU….

Our boys did some changes compared to their regular performances…Baby sang his verse in different kind of way and it was interesting so did Bae!! I like that!! I guess it was because of the keyboard?…. It was different but seriously!! I like this version!! And TOP has thrown his shirt to the VIPs!! Who’s the lucky girl…oh nooooooooooooooo…. I’m so pathetic!! I hate to think about it!

There was also short intermission for them to address to the audience all their team members that include dancers, guitar, trump, bass, keyboard, chorus,

And Bae still has time to introduce himself… remember me tae yang number one

Bae: Malaysia bagus, aku cinta padamu Malaysia a….ku cinta padamu… a….ku cinta padamu Bae kept doing his rapping and concluded with tq love u…Malaysia cantik…..
Baby: thank you
Tabi: can we give it up for encore do u want more?
VIPs: hell. yes
Bae: yes we can’t let u go like this. I’ll do my best. Let’s go bad boy one more
Bae: yeah put ur hands up

During the encore, it was the saddest moment for us…encore means goodbye….
I shouted tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

During this moment, Bae went near the audience makes the crowd gone crazy!! And TOP thrown away his official Big Bang sweater was superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I couldn’t describe it!! He has taken my heart away..!!! there was one time I had this thought….. I wanna go run to the stage and say to him TOP rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr U make me hottttttt!!!
Bae did end the song with I’m a bad boy..i’m such a bad boy…he made his own version and it was so good!!

Baby: Malaysia, do u remember Fantastic Baby dance?
VIPs were singing the song until the very end..the encore version was different with the previous performance. TOP gave all of his energy towards the song so did other members!! VIPs were all so excited!! Boom shakalaka….
The best part of course..the lines from our leader…
Bong: Da gachi nolja
TOP ft VIPs: ye ye ye
Bong: da gachi ttwija
TOP ft VIPs: ye ye ye
Bong: Da gachi dolja
TOP ft VIPs: ye ye ye
Bong: da gachi gaja
TOP ft VIPs: wow! fantastic baby

Dae: Selamat tidur (goodnight)
I dun want this to end
Bong: what do u want? U guys are so special so we gonna do one more song. What do u guys want?  I think Hands up?

 I shouted for Lie, the group of guy behind me asked for Crayon……..Most of the crowd shouted for Crayon….

All the songs were ignored by Captain and he chose Hands up…yikes….But still, I did sing the song….even I was so sadddddddddddddddd to say goodbyeeeee


We are the world hello to the world …………….
Boom boom pow let’s work it let’s work it now!!! TOP’s verse..I’m gonna miss that. I’m gonna miss singing that!! TOP was so energetic..seeing all that makes me even sad….sad to be apart from him..hahhaha… and btw, there was a time Captain gave flying kiss to the crowd..auwwwwww so sweet GD!!! And he kept vow to the audience…OMG GD!! With his sexy voice he said bye bye…
At the end of the song Baby said TQ………….everybody..

Dae added it with We love u Malaysia.
TOP: Annyeong
But it didn’t end just like that!!! The most memorable encore was TOP’s dance
Bae: drop the beat …drop the beat now
Bong: ah ah ah ah his birthday…birthday birthday. happy birthdayyyy birth..birth day

And TOPpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp danced his BINGU TOP………OMG IT WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY that makes me even want to kiss him right now..WHY TOP whyyyyy why do u have to make that sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy move??? Whyyyy so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I was not myself at the moment

Then, another surprise was…Baeeeeeeeeeeee….he put his shirt off….OMG..I think he forgot that he couldn’t do that!! Catch the performance here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhXs2ofalG8 tq jeanetterr for sharing!!

Bong ft TOP: tae tae tae tae
TOP:tae teddy tae teddy


The show ended after almost two and half hours. We were in such a great mood that we forgot about all the tiredness, the raining,… what was left was a great show with no pretence, lots of positive feelings and sweat for the audience, a night at Stadium Merdeka with Big Bang to cherish and remember forever!! And I guess after all , TOP is always my biased when I counted the times that I have shouted his name during the concert and how deeply he has taken my heart away and break it into pieces…I was so amazed with his rapping, with his handsomeness, with his down-to earth..he was always the same—the guy that I fell 6 years ago..and the concert taught me to recognize other members too..!! I became to appreciate other members too!! BONG, BAE, DAE & BABY…..They were all amazing too…. TOP? Do u even have to ask?

Bae: Love u from the bottom of the heart


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beloved friend Sarangae. I guess we had so much fun that day, right? I want to thank Bernard Hah too for all his performances recording… It just reminds me all the memories! And most importantly, VIPs….thank you for making it so memorable; being professional despite the intermittent drizzle- and to sing with our boys until the very end—a thoroughly satisfying!! Last but not least I would like to thank BIG BANG for an amazing performance!!!! WE LOVE U GUYS UNTIL WHENEVER!!! and TOP HAPPY 26 BIRTHDAY. I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!


The Journal of Mine-Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012-Malaysia Part 1

It’s true when The Star wrote that Oct 27 may be just another Saturday for the average Malaysian, but for more than 16,000 VIPs', it is the biggest day of the year. When I first heard about Malaysia would be one of the destinations chosen for the ASIA tour; I was damn happy. The thought of meeting TOP in real life is like dream comes true!! TOP is always my bias in Big Bang!! Ok let me be honest the innocent/ charming but bad boy kind of personality; I fell for that six years ago!! Well I’m still in love with him!! Up until now. Ok without further ado, for Muslims, last Saturday was second day of ‘Raya Haji’ (Aidiladha), I came to KL all the way from my hometown by flight. Reaching LCCT at 9am. Reached my rent house at 10am and prepared for the t-shirt that I wanted to wear during the concert. I bought everything plain T’s, iron on transfer paper, plain scarf and etc. I planned it months ago but I dun have enuff time to get it done as I always out of town for my Green School Programme last two months. I was really pathetic and out of time but no matter what I wanted to wear the tshirt and scarf that I personally design. I wanted to wear the mustard t-shirt to be matched with my blue skinny jeans at first because It suits well. Colour block remember? But the last minute part didn’t allow me to do so! Here’s the result! I was in hurry; pathetic and bla bla bla. Ok it was also because of the fabric; too soft! 

I was expecting this. Thank God that I bought many plain T’s. and second time I tried it on my plain white t’s (Plain white T’s? hey there delilah) hahhahaha. And here’s the result. It supposedly looks good. I took these pics after the concert so it’s kind of messy. So sorry about that. I dunno why maybe because the colours didn’t stick well; as I couldn’t wait and just wear it? Besides, I’m not a soft person believe me. Yes sir I’m not one of a kind. Hahhaha. After everything’s done went to train station with my beloved friend that I called sarangae (she calls me sarangae too :D). It was 2.45pm. We were confused at first whether to stop at Hang Tuah station or Maharajalela as my aunt and my cousin suggested that we can stop at Maharajalela as the stadium is just in front of the station. I’ve never been to Stadium Merdeka before. The only stadium that I know well is just National Stadium Bukit Jalil. It is because most of the football matches were held there. Then, we saw two VIPs riding the same train as us. Both of them stopped at Hang Tuah and change monorail to Maharajalela. So we followed them. Kekkekkke. Arrived at the stadium around 3.30pm and saw VIPs were queuing. It was raining and forced me to buy a rain coat. Guess how much is that? RM10. Crazy huh. We headed to the stadium; saw official merchandises booth, Samsung booth, foods stalls, non-official booths of Big Bang merchandises-tshirt, crown stick, light stick, posters and many more. I’m sure people who opened the stalls during the day will get much money. I didn’t buy much things just the non-official big bang VIP crown headband (RM15) , official crown stick by YG (RM80) and soft drinks that Tabi, Bong and Bae as the spokesperson. I’m not sure whether it’s HALAL or not I just bought it for collection. While waiting the gate to open my friend and I dropped by at Samsung’s booth. We wanted to take some photos in front of this but we can’t. At first, we thought maybe it was just for Samsung users and then I met my old friend; and I asked her about that and she said u guys just have to line up. Since we still have time, so we just line up and got these!!! Cute right?????? TQ Samsung!! U guys are so generous!

It’s 5.45pm and the gate is already open but me and my friend were still line up to get another Samsung Galaxy Big Bang Alive Tour’s bracelet. Hahahha. The line was short so why so serious? Besides, one is not enuff to show during the concert. :p. 6pm- we were heading to the gate; CAT 6 and we almost forgot to collect our limited badge. I asked sarangae to go in first and I will wait until 6.30pm to collect our badge. Since I still have half an hour I went to police station to find surau or mosque for Asar prayer. Waited until Maghrib prayer; there were like 20 VIPs inside the surau; oh I forgot to ‘doa’ please dun rain. Dem. After that, went to Samsung Galaxy to collect our badge and quickly headed to the gate for CAT 6 (Air Asia Red Tix). Everyone is in the stadium. I didn’t have to line up to go in. Lalallaala. They wanted to check my bag yo and inside my bag I have prohibited devices such as ipad and DSLR; I almost forgot!  I was so nervous but act like nothing. The staff asked me do u have an umbrella with u if yes then please leave here on the table. I said no, I didn’t bring an umbrella but rain coat. Ok; Pass. Stepped into the stadium all I can feel was -------today is no joke!!!!!!! VIPs were patiently waiting in the stadium wearing their own rain coat because it was raining!! Not heavily but still make u wet. The atmosphere makes my heart race. I couldn’t believe; it is today???? Wowowoowow. An hour later I’m gonna meet the guy that I fell in love with. 6 years ago!! In the flesh and most importantly, in Malaysia!!!! Words can never describe this feeling. I’ve been waiting for this so long. So did other VIPs. I can tell! Find the spot that sarangae reserved for me. 10 minutes after I entered the stadium, it was raining heavily; cats and dogs;. I looked into the stadium none of the VIPs moving. Wow..How amazing is that?. It was like 15 minutes later the heavy rain stops for a while; it was drizzle this time. Some VIPs were still stick on their own chair!! Some still keep standing!! Amazing VIPs!! Then, it didn’t end just like that; here the heavy rain again. All I can do was putting my precious things into my rain coat. But still makes my skinny jeans and delicate were all wet. They played their MV's on the Big screen to comfort us Man, we were all so high juz to see their MV's on the big screen and sing along bcoz after all this is the 1st time Big Bang held a concert in Malaysia. 

8pm---finally our boys who were like space travellers came out and luckily the rain stopped. Performed to over almost 18,000 fans (according to security); it’s interesting that u always find things on the opening such as fireworks, great lighting, superb sound system and this was no exception!. It was one of the most exciting moments ever. Worth a fortune! (of course it’s a 4mil stage, ok! I’ve been told) Being with other VIPs—even raining can’t stop us. Impossible is nothing!!. Before strutting out their space capsules or time capsules they made an intro of Alive. The five boys (from the left space capsules; Bae, Dae, Bong, Baby & Tabi) clad in military styled outfits greeted VIPs; it was Captain G What’s up Malaysia? Make some noise!! What’s up ey swag. Oh forgot to mention that Captain’s space did not automatically open; requires him to open by himself. Oh poor Bong. L. After that, they performed one of all favourite’s songs Tonight. Tabi is charming as always, GD???? OMG his hair is asdfghjkl. He got his hair cut. I almost forgot that TOP is my bias for a while. Phew. It’s a lie!! I wish Tabi would maintain his blue or white hair during this tour but no. But, that’s ok. He looks freaking HOT!! Damn hot!!! Will talk about Bae, Dae and Baby soon, k. There’s so much I wanted to talk about them too. Malaysian VIPs really know how to party, they even sing along the song!! It’s an outdoor stadium but u can still hear the screaming part and believe me it’s loud!! VIPs were amazing!! The sound goes everywhere!! We were loud. Magnificent VIPs!!!!!!!! Since it was just the beginning so the VIPs were still fresh, still have lot of energy so the screammmmm??? Ohhhhhhh no one could imagine. Even, I didn’t believe of myself. How could I scream like that? when I heard my recording.

The first fan service from Captain G…
I still remember……….. because I followed all his instructions………
G: Say yeahhhhhhhhhhh…
VIPs: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh…
G: Say woo woo …
VIPs: woo woo

Do u guys remember that??? And Tabi asked us Everybody jumps up!!! One thing that I will always remember the way Tabi addressed “tonite is such a beautiful night” ; in a very very very calm but sexy to me way… God knows!! I shouted tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so loud like I’ve never imagined!!! How could I behave like that??? Crazy!!!! I even was enjoying by myself…moving my hand like waves…for the verse.. tonight tonight tonight.. U know… Tonight dance?????? 

Brand new world is coming we are the world Say hello to the world into my world hello to the world we are the world
TOP: 1,2,3 come on
Hey ho hey ho let me say hey ho hey ho one more time
Hey ho hey ho let me say hey ho hey ho

Ok now it’s time for second track of Big Bang's 4th mini album comeback after nearly 2 years of hiatus as a group----Hands up. Did I mention that VIPs were still in an energetic mood? When GD later taking his turn with this verse : Hands up high don’t stop the beat ne kiboda deo nopi hands up high ringningningning jeongsineobsi …………I shouted GD’s name two times and again tee-o-pee (when he was helping GD with his yeah yeah yeah…ah ah ah ah; he sure admires his childhood friend so much…isn’t he???)

The best part of this performance was when Bong said Ladies and gentleman; Sir TOP. Listen to Tabi’s voice is so heart-breaking (in a good way). He liked to use his charming voice, it was like his intention to seduce me!!….Ohoooooo I CAN’T EVEN CONTROL MYSELF ANYMORE that moment… his rapping style? makes my heart beats so fast. LET’S WORK IT LET’S WORK IT ; His verse. I didn’t realized how hard I screamed his name this time!! 

Tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tee-o-peeeeeeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

with all my heart and with all the voice that I had.  I wanted to cry I do!! I cannot believe that TOP was in front of me. Singing for me. Well, us. But no tears ! I guess because of the atmosphere was great, happening, lively; so that all I did was singing together with Big Bang and other fellow VIPs. And since the song called Hands up, They asked us ‘now put your hands up’. We all did put our hands up. Captain G’s move was amazing!! Tabi ended the song with his sexy and lovely voice ‘now put ur hands up’ three times together with Bong. Bong added Malaysia at the third time—now put ur hands up Malaysia

Captain G then did another fan service hey yo Malaysiaaaaaaaaaa--------------Bong with his enthusiastic voice made me scream his name! He even added let’s throw this party..


I was so speechless!! I was moved by his action.

Tabi did another sexy verse: everybody put ur hands up. Hands…. up. I love u Bingu TOP! I shouted tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of course this time was harder…… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone in the stadium screamed!! I screamed too!!

It didn’t just end like that…

Bae with hey yo Malaysia How are u feeling out there????
Bong added let’s go Malaysia make some noiseeeeeeeee, finally we are here. Malaysia, nice to meet u!! I’m gonna make this special tonight …not leaving u till the end

Baby: Good evening ladiesss. The way he said ladiesss….OMG ( Baby, do u really have to say it like that?? with sexy voice?…aiyooooo…I belong to TOP!! Dun seduce me like that) but still I shouted—Seung Ri… 

Dae: with high tone what’s up Malaysia What’s up Malaysia Nice to meet u!! I’m …..

And finally my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, charming, handsome man….the sweetest guy that night…TOP

Tabi: I’ve been planning to say this, Good evening Malaysia
Bae: Yo Malaysia, say my name (2 times)
VIPs: Tae Yang
Bae: Yo, let’s do this..let me say yeah..yeah say yeah yeah…yeah yeah yeah…yeah yeah yeah..say yeah yeah yeah…now scream!!! (of course VIPs just follow everything)
While Tabi said come on now come on now
Bong: hey T,
T: whaddup? (oh T….so sexyyyyyyyyyy!!!)
Bong: how are feeling tonight? Tonight we are gonna make fantastic! Black outttttttt!!!!!

yeogi buteora modu moyeora We gon’ party like lilililalala…………….

The third song was ‘Fantastic Baby’. Bong’s voice was OMG!! lilililalalamameul yeoreora meoril biwora bureul jjipyeora lilililalala. Can u imagine that? There was one part that the whole stadium sung nanananana nanananana after that. Then, Captain G said say wow! VIPs: Fantastic baby. Incredible crowds!! It was really happening. We like the song so much! We like the dance part! I kept singing boom shakalaka boom shakalaka. Wow! Fantastic baby! Even I moved my body; I danced (I’m a born klutz like Tabi but who cares?) eoreumeoreumeoreum …the words still on my mind! Dance (u hoo u hoo u hoo) I wanna dance dance dance dance.  Boom shakalaka boom shakalaka. I like the part when Tabi said Boom shakalaka and Bong said Boom. We were told by the Big Bang Malaysia Fan Club to just light up the red LED for Fantastic Baby; I guess the mission was not totally successful as there were still yellow LED and blue LED. I can’t blame the VIPs themselves though because they were maybe too excited so that they forgot the mission. I somehow, lights up my yellow crown stick before I realized it’s fantastic baby yo!! Hahhahhahhahhahaa. It was really nice song. I wasn’t sure why I know the lyric so much…I’ve never memorized it before….since when I know this verse…It’s Baby verse ………mama just let me be ur lover…..ohooo seriously guys the song is so fantastic!!! It was become more interesting when VIPs got to sing most of the verse with Big Bang…… not only just easy words such as Fantastic Baby!!, woo hoo but most of the verse… Malaysian VIPs proved that language was no barrier as they sang along word-for-word with the boys. :D The final part was also interesting!!! Oh it was just coming back in my mind right now!!!! How energetic GD was and how magnificent VIPs were singing, helping the captain….!!!

G-Dragon: da gachi dolja
G-Dragon: da gachi ttwija
G-Dragon: Da gachi dolja
G-Dragon: da gachi gaja
VIPs: “Wow fantastic baby

Oh btw, on this occasion for your information there were costumes changes for Bae and Dae. They went for more casual style.  Official Alive Black T’s. and believe or not I didn’t shout anyone’s name during ‘fantastic baby’ no TOP’s name no GD…huh

The sound of the drums, bass, most importantly trumpet?.. gave u an idea what song was next…

Next was How Gee. Tabi was the only one with the opening costume. Oh the song makes me appreciate Bae’s voice!! It was so nice!! Tabi’s klutz/ awkward dance; wohoho just ignore him la. Ahhhhhhhh Big Bang gon' raise the roof yall So you know what to do yall Just keep on rockin' em Ahhhhhhhh Big Bang gon' raise the roof yall Just keep on rockin' em..yeah….U are really rockssssssssssssssssssss the outdoor stadium! Ficky ficky….ring a bell? I shouted 4 times of tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s name during the performance… the second time I did because of one VIP who sat in front of me shouted his name. I guess I was excited or dun wanna to lose to her??? Hahhahaha btw, I did shout GD’s name too because he was the one who started the song One for the money, two for the show………. I got excited the way he bring that out…. Ok maybe Sarangae has influenced me!! Hahaha she did shout first!

An electronic robotic sound of Bong’s verse can be heard in the whole stadium:

Naega michyeogayo ijen jichyeogayo liar liar stupid liar liar liar la….
Bong: yeah, I know this, sir!

With TOP saying “How are u doin ladies”…………………….. my heart broke into pieces…like I dun belong in this world anymore at that moment….Can’t stand with his sexiness!!!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL
Ohhhhhhh tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
I screamed

Uhuu uhuu Back to the most handsome member (for me) whom I think was one of the best beat boxers and rappers- How u doin ladies? A very shy down to earth Tabi..that really shines across, the whole stadium.. the whole world--------MY WHOLE LIFE…. It’s Stupid Liar guys. One of our favourite songs!! I followed them singing ‘I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid’ In my humble heart I did a prayer: ‘I didn’t mean to be stupid, please forgive me, it’s just a song’ ahahhahaha some of the fun lyrics to sing along include Baby don't lie to me OH [GD] (HEY) Naega michyeogayo naega michyeogayo Amugeotdo molla haneun jeo pyojeong jom bwayo Ijen jichyeogayo ijen jichyeogayo Uri geuman mannayo Naega michyeogayo ijen jichyeogayo Liar liar stupid liar liar liar liar . Everything about Bong simply oozes charm...
(I followed Sarangae shouted his name) like Rebby (VIP) said it is difficult to be not attracted to him! It’s a joy to just watch him do his signature dance moves, and it’s so easy to tell that GD is enjoying his time on stage, that he wasn’t merely putting up a show to please the fans and how he shakes his head. LMAO. Actually every member did great!! (I shouted D-lite name’s too) And hey Tabi changed into Big Bang Alive Tour official t’s like other members. Guess what he looks more comfortable. But, for me He looks more cool in smart casual. :p. 

Again….when TOP sang his verse let me tell ya hoksi dora dora dora galsu itdamyeon jwajeolhaneun naega itdamyeon……. I shouted tee-o-pee I dunno if u guys can understand my feeling at the moment… the manly, confident Tabi just made the whole crowd ;; ok maybe I was overreacting….but seriously…..He was so………………………..attractive……………………………… no words can described that!!! And hey…I shouted Bae’s name too la…Tae Yangggggggggggg

The song ended. Then, Bae who was good in fan service that night; Malaysia say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now scream!. Ahhahaha of course We screamed out loud. Baby with How are u feeling tonight Malaysia? No rain can stop us. We dun care. so welcome to 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour. Finally we are here. We are so exciting right now. So many people. I love this place. This country’s awesome!. (Oh Seung Ri baby…… pls do not take my heart away) And then Bae with his amazing ‘American’ slang Yo Malaysia I know u guys waiting for long time so we excited too. I hope u guys enjoy the show. Even it was raining. I’ll do my best even though I slipped it out. So I really hope u guys enjoy the show. U guys, we’re gonna rock yo. Malaysia, are u ready to party? Tonight? Yo anyway Dae sung how are u feeling? VIPs were just laugh listening to that. Bae likes to disturb him. Poor Dae.  I was preparing news for u guys. I’m preparing news for u guys. But I can’t tell u right now. Please look forward to it. Dae calmly answered the question. But, for VIPs. They are not the person who can be patient with the news. They shouted Dae Sung Dae Sung Dae Sung. But it was ignored by them. Ahaks. Bae took our attention by asking Baby ‘Seung Ri ,why dun u teach them how to dance fantastic baby’. Baby on the other hand; out of the blue asked us ‘U want’? VIPs: Yeah! Let me check this out. First like this like cars viper. 1,2,3,4 (right hand + right leg) 1,2,3,4 (left hand + left leg) easy right? Yeah let’s do this. Ok let’s go 1,2,3,4 (3 times). Go check here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFNeA6MaY4k shasha17n-tq for sharing!

Go! Dance woo hoo The music starts..I guess it was the beatbox? I think Bae did that. I wanna dance dance dance. VIPs followed the entire dance that has taught by Baby. We really loved it!

Later, while the dance delighted the crowd, one of the biggest thrills during the concert was also when Seung Ri shared with the crowd of his ‘only-know’ Malay words ‘aku cinta padamu’ for two times---‘Tae Yang, aku cinta padamu’ or it means I love You in English , Sarangae-yo in Korean, Aishiteru in Japanese. ----as to appreciate what Tae Yang did Baby said ‘aku cinta padamu’ to Bae..  Bae didn’t want to lose to Baby as He also did his own version of ‘aku cinta padamu. Malaysia aku cinta padamu. He even rapping aku cinta padamu, aku cinta padamu. So funny but nicely done, Bae!! The whole crowd screameddddddddd! He is so talented!! Isn’t he? Baby then surprised the crowd with his weird sound of ‘apa khabar’ (How are you). He must put an effort to do that. Poor Baby. No wonder People called him panda. LMAO. He’s cute. Ok fine agreed. Next stage, Korea’s two most wanted as Bae stated.. Seung Ri, Drop the beat. Then, Baby did some beatbox… while Bae did some rapping ppeogigayo ppeogigayo ppeogigayo aju ppeogigayo ppeok ppeok. (they were so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I tell ya! I didn’t know that Baby can also do beat box) 

Bae: Let’s go now….come

ppeogigayo ppeogigayo ppeogigayo ppeok ppeok aju ppeogigayo aju ppeok ppeok ppeok  ppeok ppeogigayo …………………………………………

tee-o-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AS USUAL---I screamed 4 times

Do u like the combination of GD&TOP? I do!!!! I like the whole album of theirs! GTOP who has won many honors in the world of KPOP music, then continued with their two hit songs; Knock out and High High that were masterfully choreographed. Ok maybe not master compared to their performances at Music core or even Mnet but still it was great!!! U can even see GD was doing sliding. Wow Bong is really something!! We didn’t need the snow to come anymore for us to do sliding. LOL. That’s our Captain! (GDDDDDDDDD I shouted two times) Ok maybe we need the rain or water. The slippery floor/ stage will make more easier to do the sliding part. Hahhaha. Knock out is one of my favourite songs!! Before I changed my China-made iPhone I used it as my ringtone for my Nokia. I used to like receiving new messages as I can hear the ringtone. Oh yes, during the time, VIPs were also singing together with them!! I did!! ppeogigayo ppeogiga aju ppeogigayo ppeok ppeok… this is double double double double (combo) double double double (combo) this ain’t bubble bubble bubble bubble (gum)…. namja nyeoseokdeuldo oechyeodaeneun nauiireum (T.O.P!). Who doesn’t even like the song? Even in Korea, this third title track, has been banned from all three public broadcasting networks such as KBS, MBC, and SBS but guess what; WTH! The reason for the ban was because the title and lyrics used slang, which some of them believed would damage the national psyche. Unbelievable. WHY SO SERIOUS? The ban is ridiculous and out of line. Thank God that they didn’t ban them to sing during the concert!! Dressed with garb and joyful; GTOP impressed us; the fans with anticipation by performing High High next. High High I’m so high, High High up in the sky High High I’m so high Fly fly touch the sky. Oh before that, something important from Captain G that I must share here, after they performed the Knock out, the lights was turned off and a few seconds later Bong said Wow!! and asked the audience How are u feeling tonight Malaysia? Today, I mean this show is incredible. Malaysia U guys are the best! How are u feeling tonight? VIPs; GOOD and then, here is blur Tabi; say yeah a,.ha. say a..ha a..ha. Nevertheless, STILL CUTE!! VIPs just followed what the boys have asked! Captain G continued with his favourite word—SWAG—when I say swag u say check, swag swag when I say swag u say check. Swag swag.  Oh yeah say oh yeah Say nananana Say High High. We just follow Captain’s rules. It was fun!! Mr. G in the club. After the first chorus was extremely done by them; the moment that u shouldn’t miss—some other fun points for eagle eye fans include –the time when Bong did the sliding--- on the stage. O.M.G—a move that surely shock the crowd. Well it shocked me!! During the moment, I was so high!! 

hey sexy (crack crack crack crack) tonight you know (crack crack crack crack) i’m a strong baby (crack crack crack crack) put on my jacket and then.. next solo performance was from our maknae Seung Ri a.k.a V.I a.k.a Baby. Later taking the mic by his own; with his two hits song ‘Strong Baby’ and ‘What can I do’.  Let’s make love tonight oneulbam nae nuneul garyeojwo yeogikkaji ran sorin ma nal nochi marajwo……..bla bla….the music arrangement is good. I like this kind of version compared to Big Show 2009; this time was better except that he skipped some of the part. Well, I guess maybe time consuming. Hurm, the dance part? He is known as someone who can dance well!! He did some dance!! Actually, I was hoping that he will sing the songs from his recent album such VVIP or What can I do. I like those songs. Because of his sexiness. Remember the PV? Well, he did sing What can I do though. The chorus part Nan eojjeorago Nae modeungeol dajugo neoege dabachyeo Ije nameungeoragon naegen neobbunya Deoisang nareul pihajineun ma deo neun Let’s break it down Come on Malaysia Everybody jump on. His dance was amazing; as always! Neol dasi manna bol saenggag obsoneunde Ddo wae Maeil bam ggumsogeseo neon eutgoisseo So tell me dodaeche wae naege ireoneunji Baby naneun amugeot da mothae Ireokke babo cheoreom nal naebeoryeodugo neon ddeonag. The performance is like the new version of ‘What can I do’! The music was so loud. Drums and guitar. Oh I can’t focus on Baby’s singing. The music bothered me. The disco-type of music..nah..i’m not a fan. But, seeing Baby with his enthusiasm; (his word like Come on, Come on Malaysia everybody jump up) it just makes everything’s good. 

Big Bang returned for the big hit of their second Japanese single Gara Gara Go ガラガラ Go!! later. Before that, there was an introduction of the song.… The city is safe. But, the world is still in danger, Big Bang must stay on mission. And Gara Gara Go music was played after that. (We shouted as we heard that) It increased the mood of the crowd. Say B.I.G to the BANG,. Sawagi ga asa made Just dance! Gara Gara Gara Go! Oretachi no way La La La La La. I still remember that I got excited with the song because it’s in Japanese. To pronounce in Japanese is much easier than Korean right?. When I heard what I have recorded during the concert I found that I was so eager, enthusiastic to sing along with them. It’s so funny when I heard it back. I shouted so loud of this part Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP! Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP! Big Bang rocks tonight! Oh Eh Oh Big Bang rocks tonight!.  (despite that my throat was sick already). When I think about it, I feel so embarrassed and feel to laugh so hard. The Chinese couple who sat next to me during the concert must think that ‘This girl is crazy’!! and a group of Chinese guy behind me?? Ohhhhhhhh so embarrassing! But WTH! I just wanted to have fun. Why so serious? Swag :p. There was also one part when Tabi was doing the rapping; I shouted his name again tee-o-pee for two times. So loud.!!! I guess VIPs who sat around me could hurt their ears. During this time I really like the sound of the drums!! It really increased the mood!! 

Without any intermission, (except Captain G with his favourite phrase B.I.G B.A.N.G with B.I.G B.A.N.G ) we can hear Dae with his verse It's getting hot in the club, I can see they want some more I will give you more, I'm your number one. Bong’s sexiness way of expression I need a girl who is in it for me Not for the money, not for the fame Not for the glory, not for the name  (I sang this verse too) was just impressed me again and again. It’s hard to not falling for him or not looking at him during the concert. I even shouted ‘oh GD’!!! He has the ability to give very impressive expressions most of the time.! So am I to blame if I cheated on Tabi.? Ahahahahah just joking! :P Why so serious? Most of the crowds in the stadium like Captain; so I guess I’ll stay with Tabi. A group of Chinese guy behind me is a fan of Bong. They only know how to sing Bong’s song like Crayon, One of A Kind.. They kept repeating “Hel..lo….”. I guess they even went to the concert because of GD!! If  u focus on the song u can hear Tabi did everybody in the place come on now and he even said Malaysia, what (with weird but cute pronunciation; I shouted tee-o-pee two times during this time too; crazy me!); Bong on the other hand, kept saying Jump Jump Jump. Let’s do it again Jump Jump Jump. And Tabi was influenced by Bong; he even said Jump Jump  too. Two times. This time, I can see Tabi was more energetic compared to other previous songs. That’s my man!! Hehhee :D. He seemed like enjoying the song so much. 

If u wanted to hear the various way of singing like using nasal/ inside voice by Big Bang especially GD; Café it is. Before I told u about other members let me tell u about my bias first, ok.  I remember when you walked through that door (I shouted tee-o-pee; the way he pronounced ‘I remember’ was so sexy!!!) Sit down in that chair Look time hasn’t changed, “no you & me”. How come he is so good in rapping? Sarangae TOP!! The second time he did his rapping part of the song I shouted his name again tee-o-pee. OH my god mudeodundaedo geuge jal andwae Nal chaja oneun geon gonghwangsangtae. Nasal voice is not something good for most people but for GD?? I dunno how to explain. When he sung his verse Nega anjaitteon geu hayan eui jamani Ne hyanggireul gieokhago Nega tteonan huro chagaun jeongjeokmani Neol kidarigo inneun jageun café. I can’t control to shout his name again!! Three times! (No worries tee-o-pee is still on the top.) First time was during ‘nega……’ and the other two was before the ending of the song when he concluded ahaha ahaha hui hui using his nasal voice. I was out of control. I was amazed by his way of singing. I was not the only one, believe me!! (one of the VIPs who were sitting in front of me even shout kiyoo=cute to GD) All VIPs did ok. There was also when the crowd were almost silent I was the only one shouted GD’s name and He said TQ. Hahahah.., Sarangae just laughed at me. (I can let u listened to that part; in case u dun believe it :p) Wow! Bong also said to us What a great night! Good! after that. And He asked TOP, How are u feeling tonite?. (I shouted tee-o-pee by hoping that he would tell something) And our blur Bingu TOP gave his very honest answer: Wow! Fantastic Baby. It’s great to meet u all I’ve never thought that I could see many people in here, TQ. AND again I shouted tee-o-pee like a crazy fan!!! He was freaking sexy like I wanted to bite him that time!! Tabi, U want a kiss? Come here I’ll give it to u!! Honestly! ahahha Btw, Bae had a very good nasal/ inside voice too so was Baby. On this occasion, for the first time I shouted Dae’s name. ahahhahahah. It’s ok TOP U still won, I shouted four times of ur name during this song.  Bae who was very good with fan service that night asked the crowd: Yo, I’d like I’d like to ask u guys. Did u guys check GD’s solo album? Did u guys buy it? Really? Man, GD let this happen! VIPs just said yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh very loudly. And Bong who was like a son who has to obey what his parent asking; just play his role. 

Bong; Ok 1,2,3,4   (The crowd was totally insane with this performance!! Did I mention that most of the VIPs in the stadium are Captain G’s fan??)

Bae helped him with dung dung ge-dung dung 

Meori eokkae mureup bal Swag Swag (Insanely, the crowd shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; they really love the swag part)

Meori eokkae mureup bal Swag
Ajikdo kkulliji anha yes I’m a pretty boy Nan naradanyeo so fly nallari boy
Wolhwasumokgeumtoil nan bappa oppa nappa baaaad boy I’m a g to the d gold n diamonds  boy (it was good to hear VIPs were singing together with the Captain)

Get your crayon get your crayon nana… nana… (with his stressed voice) (BTW, Tabi’s beat box was incredible!)

Then he stress---------------Why! So! serious?! (with stressed voice)—the way he said it.. oh!! Hell, it was so good!

Hel….lo yes sir I’m one of a kind (VIPs sang together with him)
nan jaejumanheun gom,(no) gom bodan yeou
yes sir yes sir Hel..lo Hel….lo ladies and gentleman.. Bong said
Yes sir I’m one of a kind jaesueomneun nom jom bissan mom(get out) get get ..get ..get out

(My lovely Tabi helped Bong with his beatbox,. What a good hyung!!, His beatbox was amazing!!!!!!!!! Bae helped with his dung degedung, Baby and Dae with their dance. Btw, If u guys are a fan of Dae u shouldn’t miss one part when Dae made his ‘Angelina Jolie’ mouth. It was sexy! I tell u! it was like where’s the innocent Dae? Gone?) Hahahahha
U can find this on the video below

Thanks to our fellow VIP huixin08 for sharing

This is the reason why I like bad boy..! (when I said bad boy I didn’t mean sweet talker, ok) U know, sometimes they are more romantic than other kind of guys. Besides, they are not hypocrite and know their place. Someone who looks innocent or nerd doesn’t necessarily a good boy, right? (ok! I’m out of topic)

Bae didn’t want to wasting time…Without any intermission; 

Ok let’s move on to next stage. Next song is my favourite song from Big Bang because Niga saranghaneun naneun sorry i’m a bad boy Geurae charari tteona jal gayo you’re a good girl Sigani galsurok nal almyeoneun alsurok silmangman namatgetjiman Baby don’t leave me i know you still love me Wae geurae soljikhi na malhae niga pillyohae

Dae & Bae: Oh Malaysia 2x
VIPs: lay lay lay lay lady 2x
Bae: Let’s go bad boy

I can hear Bong was saying something like baby, come back
Put ur hands up Whaddup whaddup whaddup (Wow Dae!! U are so energetic!)
Bong; Yes sir, yeah (beautifully saying)

For this performance, our boys were wearing BOY LONDON T’s. It was nice and of course expensive. I like the one that Dae was wearing read “LEAVE THE BOY ALONE”---what a cute message. Ok Dae, we’ll leave u alone. Tabi has always poured his heart and soul into his verse. I can’t stop looking at him when he did his verse:

Botongnamjawa dalla neomu himdeuldago Neon ajikdo sonyeogachi neomu yeoryeo maeilgachi useojuneun ne gyeoten….bla bla bla……

Oh TOP!!!! I love you with all my heart!!! And his dance OMG when he moved his body even a little it was still make my heart race! AND OF COURSE I SHOUTED HIS NAME tee-o-pee :D

Tabi’s version of this verse was also definitely sexy!!!:

Geurae charari tteona jal gayo you’re a good girl Sigani galsurok nal almyeoneun alsurok silmangman namatgetjiman

There was also a part when Bae did some changes—different way of singing but still INTERESTING!!!! Instead calmly singing the verse He stress it!! Like he was in hurry. Basically, Bae did quite lot of changes. I like the dance part!! The time when they used stressed voice. Everything is perfect.

Baby don’t leave me i know you still love me Wae geurae soljikhi na malhae niga pillyohae my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady
The biggest thrill when the whole crowd sang “everynight I’m so mean!! I’m so mean!! I’m so mean!!”

Baby and Dae’s verse.. “Amu mal hajima…. Nal beorijima…….” were so cruel (in a good way)….they distracted me from looking at GD!! For the first time I didn’t pay attention on the Captain except at the end of the song. 

And Bae was also know how to attract me; Eun eopdan geol neon algo itjanhayo baby Oh geudae back to me ye ye ye (I sang along this verse with Bae and other VIPs! Had so much fun!)

Bong ended the song with say ey ey ey  ……say ey ey ey…. Say eyeyey
VIPs as always followed all the Captain’s rules! How amazing is that?
Bong: Niga saranghaneun naneun sorry i’m a bad boy sorry i’m a bad boy sorry i’m a bad boy
Tabi: Geurae charari tteona jal gayo you’re a good girl
Bae: i’m a bad boy (sexy way of saying; Oh Bae!!)