I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Friday, May 29, 2009


Knp erkkk asl je Engineer,..asl je Doctor...mestiiiiiiiiiiiii hensem
even Xhensem....who love 'civic face' ?
Act, ak niiii salute, admire glerrrrr r with those yg into these profession...cos ak tau...TOUGH though.....De sorang o9 friend ak yg bakal jd engineer soon...
Japanese Engineering..Arghhhhh Kakoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ne
(Tp adik r ci.......Br 20 years old.....If not ak...hehe dh.....Kwang2)
Second time ak dpt kwn ngan Engineer..
Dulu dgn K....Even hehe..a long story...Even ak Xske die...tp
"Spe Xske kwn dgn Bdk Engin???
Tell me Tell me..2xxxxxx"
Dioram bijak weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
K tu tau semua benda..Kn ci???
Huhuhuhuhu Arrrrrr Pe yg menarik psl dak Engin yg kedua niiiii is
hE'S in Japan rite now..Study sne...Wo wo wo wo wo
Ske lG jAPAN, sKE dRAma Japan, Pndi ckp Japan..
Yg plg ak ske lg...............
Die sgt ambitious...
He has the same thought with me and Mangkok...
AND ak ske gk ayt de
The Engineer~I don't design T-shirt I design Dreams..
Gambate Kudasait
The more you love people the more weaker you will be
X.ox.o Gossip Girl

MU vs Barcelona 0-2...So what??????????

2.30 AM

MCD Bangi 24 Hours

Wit Shin Goon and Cik Wawa

MU vs Barcelona

Hurmm...it has been so long ne, I didn't watch football with Shin Goon oppa, Machi...Thanks to oppa since He chose to 'lepak' with us instead of others. Yela...YB has lots of invitation.



Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say Omedeto' (Congratulations)to Barcelona especially their fans kan..Omedeto'!!! and To MU aka Red Devils fans around the world..Omedeto'!!!! Ye r We should feel proud since MU finally after beating so much with hard work able to go to Champion League Final and won the EPL trophy for 18 times.....
To beat such a good, killer, magnificient club such as Barcelona...

"MU is still the best"

Bak smue org kate kt ak.."Menang and kalah tu adat la"

Hurm...Bak kte Oppa..."Ak Xdela kecewa sgt-sket je"

Like I said just now..beating such a good club like Barca...

Jgnla compare dgn MU....

Barca has lots of good players

they have Henry, Messi, Irniesta, Eto'o who else..?

MU? They only Have my CR7 je...Tu pom...

Sooner or later...He's going to change to Real Madrid..


Agaknye...This July MU will come to Malaysia..

Is CR7 will coming to Malaysia?? He will if He stay at Old Trafford

I'm booking the ticket dhhhhh

Able to watch CR7 in person (LIVE) arghhhhhh

Bestttttttttttttttt nyerrrrrrrrrrrr

2-0 So what?????????
Korang mmg ske dengki kannnnn

Last night bak kte oppa-people who didn't support Barca pom leh support Barca last nite.
Dioram dengki ngan MU..

Yg mmg skng Barca tu Xksh rrrrrrrrr..

Yg murtad?????????? tu plg oppa bengang..

But,Thanks to green gentleman..yg keep comfort kan ak..
text me and said MU boleh....after Eto'o scored at half time..
Even He is a big fan of Barca,...Tq.....

So here pics for last nite...

Home Part 2

Tadaima' Minna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hehe..Arghhh seronoknya balik rumah, ne...
Meeting your family, the person that you love much in the world.Only God knows that feeeling..
Almost 5 days I was at home....I just stay at home, watching TV, talking wit my granma, grandfather,play wit my cousins, sleep with my parent~Haha Yes I am spoil daughter..So what?, hanging out with my only little brother
Hurmmmm..FUN ne..I don't know when can I go back home again.
Now I have money but dun have enough time plakkkkkk
Family is great ne!!!!!!!!!!
Rrrrrr..Astro has lots of good TV shows..............Huhuhuhu
I really want to watch American Dreams and The Starter Wife..
Then, de Mas Dennis aka Samuel Zyglynn at Aruna....Aduiiiiii gantang bangat si Mas Dennis...
Byk tol cterrrr bestttt...Almost 3-4 months I didn't watch Astro
favourite channel ak 705 tu....it's different dh..
Mcm2 ada.....Hot 30 Hitz yg ak ske tgk tatau de lg X..
Mcm dh tkr ngan siaran lain..Xdpt tgk Adam C...Huhuhuhuhuhuhu
Byk btol perubahan yg berlaku kt alam semesta niiiiiii Hehehehe
But, My little Bro tu still glerrrrrrrrrrr with his futsal, football....Never change!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
My MOM dh mls dh nk argue ngan de.....
Like a bat...Pg tdo..siang mainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Just let him....
While I was at home ermmm smpt gk tgk movie favourite ak lagi..
"Just Desserts"
Arghhhh sweet nye that movie..
Ok la....Janae!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


yataaa..i'm going home..
I definitely won't writing my blog...Besela dh kt umah
handphone pom ak X layannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..If Kame ak lyn r. Ngeh2
So Janae..
Time ni r ak nk jalan puas2 keliling kg and tgk Astro................
705, 712, 812, 813 favourite channel akkkkkkk...
lme Xtgk Kimora life in the fabulous lane...Hik hik
muah22222 untuk korang

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CONVERSE, Kinokuniya,Turtle,Kame.......

Two things that I will always bring it..........

I started to know about Kino was from Yananishikido chan. Since that, I love Kinokuniya because of KATTUN and additional reasons nye adala.......
It's Japanese Bookstore,ma. Can get many stuffs from Japan. Magazines, Calendar and etc. Actually, Best tau msk bookstores; damai je since I do love reading either for information or leisure~Do love going to Bookstores such as MPH, Borders and Kino of course. Pe lagi korang sila lah melawat Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC.

People who read my blog must feel bored,..tired since I will always wrote about Kamenashi Kazuya...Hahaha. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I told you before, ne. I make this blog because I love Kamenashi Kazuya. So what?
I don't mind if people Don't want to read my blog..................Ok
"Sapa nk baca baca,Sapa Xnak sudah"
Hurm............aK addicted glerrrrrrrrrr ngan turtle because of Kame.
Turtle=Kame in Japanese. heeheeeeeheee

This month...Ak besela...Every month mesti ad benda aku shopping...
This month,,I bought my favourite brand ever..CONVERSE
Huhuhuhu Bila tgk Converse it reminds me to someone..
I know about Converse and starts to love this brand because of him...
"My best boyfriend" Kwn bek lelaki....Jgn nk gosip!
Huhuhu where on earth did he goes???????

Abul Rahmat..................................................................

I still hope that I can meet him again,ne

So that, I can tell many things that I cannot share with other people.Huhuhuhu

I will try looking for him again.Gambate

x.O.X.o gOssip girl

Being a teacher for the first time.....

Sunday, May 17th
I've never thought that I want to be a teacher someday
not even teaching people..
But, last Sunday~because of Wawa and Cik Lydia I went to tuition centre and teaching English subject to Standard 6 at Smart tuition centre..
I know that it's a benifit to language students like me to do such
noble things like that..
What I mean was to decrease my stage fright,
as a practicing to talk with others.....
But, I've never love teaching people. I don't know why
maybe because I found that..
"Being a teacher is a noble job so that people who want to become a teacher must sincere, determine to teach, require lots of patient and etc"....
If people being a teacher just because of difficult to get a job where
many of my old friends did, "apa yang mereka buat itu tidak indah".
I don't like such people...
I don't respect them and in certain ways
I don't like their thinking.
However, even I don't like teaching, last sunday I still "gambate" to make them understand and I found that kids are interesting, ne~Kids are naughty but friendly.Hehe.
When they wish to us "Happy Teacher's Day"
I'm speechless!! Hehe..
It's kind of precious experience that people cannot buy it...
For Being a Teacher
So that,
To All of My friends who will be a teacher someday
"Gambate and Give Your Heart when You are teaching!"
We can learn something from Kids...
Which is
"How to enjoy our life in our own ways"
Good Luck!!!
Happy Teacher's Day
Lastly, even I don't like teaching I want to teach my kids by myself
x.o.x.o gOSsip girl

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Greedy Ronaldo eyes the quadruple in Rome..

MANCHESTER: Cristiano Ronaldo insists Manchester United have no
time to rest on their laurels after landing a third successive
Premier League title because they must focus on winning the Champions League final.
Alex Ferguson’s side were crowned kings of English football again
thanks to yesterday’s 0-0 draw against Arsenal at Old Trafford.

But even drawing level with Liverpool on a record-equalling 18 English
league titles isn’t enough to satisfy Ronaldo’s appetite for success.

The Portugal winger was delighted to keep United top of the tree but he
is even more desperate to retain the Champions League against
Barcelona in Rome on May 27.

“We have to enjoy this moment. It is very special. Then in the next few
days we have to concentrate on the Champions League because everyone
wants to win that one,” Ronaldo said.

“It’s a fantastic achievement, the feeling is always brilliant, especially to win it at home with the supporters and family here.

“This is family club, everyone is friendly. That is why everyone loves the club and I love them.”
Ronaldo has repeatedly been linked with a move to Real Madrid over the last 18 months and, although he insists he is happy to stay at Old Trafford, he cast a slight cloud over United’s celebrations when he refused to rule out a transfer in the future.

“The atmosphere here is unbelievable. In the future you never know (if he will leave)
but I am really happy here,” Ronaldo added.

Once the Champions League final is over, United will turn their attention to becoming
the first English top-flight team to win four successive titles.

Beating bitter rivals Liverpool to first place was sweet for Merseyside-born Wayne Rooney and the United striker would love to repeat the feat next term.

“It’s an amazing feeling. To win it three years on the run is unbelievable, especially because it was a great race with Liverpool,” Rooney said.

“Thankfully we got the job done, Hopefully we can continue to do it. I’ve enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to more next season.”

It was Gary Neville, United’s club captain, who lifted the Premier League trophy,
even though he didn’t play against Arsenal.

Neville believes United’s superior strength in depth allowed them to hold off a fierce challenge from Liverpool.

“It’s been an incredible effort all year. It’s a fantastic achievement because Liverpool pushed us hard this season,” Neville said.

“They finished in championship-winning form and we know we’ve got our work cut out to try and get past them next season.

“It’s the quality and depth of the squad that is so important. We never had a consistent team all season, it was 20 players who all contributed.

“Federico Macheda won’t even get a medal and he could have won the league by himself.” — AFP
The Star online

See ya on 27 May..EPL is best..Part 2

Manchester United clinch Premier League hat-trick and third title of season
LONDON: Manchester United wrapped up a third straight Premier League title yesterday after a goalless draw at home to Arsenal left Alex Ferguson’s side with an unassailable lead over Liverpool.

A point in their penultimate match of the campaign was enough to put the champions out of reach and ensure they equalled Liverpool’s record of 18 league titles on a day that saw Newcastle lurch to the brink of relegation.

“It was the longest 90 minutes in history but we got there,” Ferguson said after an edgy display by his side sealed the 11th title of his Old Trafford reign. “There’s not been one save in the match and that tells you how cautious a match it was.”
Asked what it meant to match Liverpool’s mark of 18 titles, Ferguson replied: “It will make it more special if we get in front of them. We want to progress with this team, which is capable of doing it. It is a young team and next year we are going to go for it again.”
United’s triumph was the result of a consistency that Liverpool – who paid the price for drawing seven matches at home – Chelsea and Arsenal proved unable to match.

Although Ferguson’s men ultimately claimed the title with a match to spare, their only success in six league matches against the three other top four teams was a 3-0 win over Chelsea in January and they were beaten in both league battles with Liverpool.

But history will record that Ferguson’s side finished this season with at least three trophies. Having already lifted the Club World Cup and the League Cup, United will seek to complete a quadruple by retaining the Champions League trophy in the final against Barcelona in Rome on May 27.

Before then, United must travel to Hull for a final league fixture in which the home side will be playing for their survival in the top flight after a 1-1 draw at Bolton yesterday lifted them above Newcastle and out of the bottom three.

Newcastle, who travel to Aston Villa for their final match, slipped back into the relegation zone after a 1-0 home defeat by Fulham.
Diomansy Kamara’s first-half strike kept Fulham in seventh place, the final qualifying spot for European football, and Newcastle’s chances of salvaging something evaporated after Sebastien Bassong was sent off midway through the second period for a professional foul on Kamara.
Tuncay Sanli gave Middlesbrough fans hope they could yet beat the drop with an overhead kick after 14 minutes only for John Carew’s second half strike to earn Villa a point that leaves Boro three points behind Hull and with four goals to make up in terms of goal difference.
Craig Fagan left Hull in control of their own destiny with a second-half equaliser at Bolton, who had gone ahead through Gretar Steinsson.

Everton leapfrogged Villa into fifth place after a 3-1 win over 10-man West Ham, who had James Tomkins sent off for the foul on Tim Cahill that enabled Louis Saha to cancel out Radoslav Kovac’s early long-range strike with a 38th-minute penalty.

Joseph Yobo’s first goal of the season and Saha’s second completed a comfortable win.
Second-half goals from Ricardo Fuller and James Beattie allowed Stoke to celebrate the last home match of their first season back in the top flight with a 2-0 win over Wigan.

Tottenham kept their hopes of a Europa League place next season alive with a 2-1 win over Manchester City. A Robbie Keane penalty four minutes from time gave Spurs the win after City’s Bulgarian striker Valeri Bojinov had cancelled out Jermain Defoe’s 29th-minute effort. — AFP
Source~THE STAR online..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I can answer it rite now n I'm sure that I think I do Love Him...


I do love him..


Unusual me//

I rarely listened to Malay songs yg ntah ape2..
Lg Melayu yg ak dgr just from KRU, Faizal Tahir n some Indonesia songs


Bcos of him......without advanced warning..w/t notice

aku pergi download lagu2 yg related I mean yg He used to............

Unusual me......

But, Xde r semua lg yg de ske, ape yg de bt ak pergi bt...Arrrrrrrr I still hope die xmnt bnd or artis pelik2...Please.......................................................Jdla mcm dulu....
Ak lbh ske Dia yg ske Rockstar........such as Linkin Park

My friends will laugh at me, then......especially my best fwen Wawa.....n Cik Lydia of course

x.o.x.o gOSSip girl

Friday, May 15, 2009

English the best..

By 5pm on Saturday in England, Manchester United should be crowned this season's English Premiere League (EPL) champions as the team seek to prove that English is best.

The Red Devils can do that beating Wigan in the away match on Thursday morning (Malaysia time), thus taking another step in denying second placed Liverpool, before wrapping up the championships by beating Arsenal at Old Trafford on Saturday. Though United look to have the upper hand against both Wigan and Arsenal, do not expect their opponents to yield the points on a silver platter as among the factors which make the EPL the best in the world is because it is honestly competitive.
And with the their third consecutive EPL title in the bag, the Red Devils should then wrap up their exciting season by beating Barcelona in the Champions League final in Rome on May 27. (I'm looking forward to watch with Shin Goon oppa, Wawa and maybe Bai)
Beating the Catalans is imperative if United want to prove once for all that the EPL is the best league in the world but based on current form, England's best should prevail over the best from Spain.
Apart from helping United become the first team to defend the Champions League trophy, the match in Rome would also give Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2008 World Footballer of the Year and European Footballer of the year, the chance to prove that he is in fact the world's best player and the honour does not really belong to Lionel Messi.
Despite speculations over the final destination of the Portugese star, who reportedly has signed to play for Real Madrid next season, the stage is set for Ronaldo to best Messi. So, United fans who are anxious about the final destination of Ronaldo should not unduly worry because He would give his best against Barca.
Fans of English football, get set to see United prove that English is best. See ya on
27th May 2009.
p/s Heehee~27th May reminds me to something, sumone... :)
X.o.x.o Gossip Girl

KATTUN's concert Tokyo Dome *I CRY*

As far as news on KAT-TUN's concerts for 2009,
it was announced on January 23 that
KAT-TUN would hold 7 consecutive days at
Tokyo Dome, Japan's largest and most prestigious arena.
Also, making KAT-TUN the first artists in history to do so.
However, by the end of March,
due to the large number of pre-reserved tickets,
KAT-TUN's record breaking concert added extra tour dates.
Making KAT-TUN's 2009 concert 8 consecutive days in Tokyo Dome from May 15 to the 22,
3 days in Osaka from May 29 to the 31,
and 2 more days in Tokyo Dome from June 14 to the 15.
For a total of 13 concert performances in two cities,
and 10 days in total for Tokyo Dome.
Sales for KAT-TUN's 8 consecutive days in Tokyo Dome concert went on sale on April 4, 2009. On the very same day all 440,000 seats were sold out....
See How great they are...All Love to KATTUN
p/s To Kamenashi Kazuya~my husband, my pretty boyfriend, my love, my vitamin, my anti-virus, my hankerchief, my shoulder, my heart.....Take care, ne!! Dun get sick. I always LOVE Kamenashi Kazuya bcos I'm Mrs Kamenashi.U must have a good n strong Heart ne, to make it the Break Record Concert without fail. Gambate! because U're Kamenashi.I just want to believe in You and Care for U.
To other members, Jin kun, Junno Kun, Tat Chan, Koki chan and Nakamarad chan..
Gambate Kudasait!!! All LOVE to KATTUN...Aishteru!! Thanks for taking care of me, us (fans) by giving the best damn songs ever for Break The Record~By You For You and other albumS ~the previous songs, albums, singles ever.Arigato'. Hope to meet U all in person one day even in a dream~I feel really blessed.
I LOVE you.............Kamenashi Kazuya and KATTUN

I'm taking back my Love~Enrique Ft Ciara

Go ahead
Just leave
Can’t hold you,you’re free
You take all these things
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
Cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left in hurt
So u think I don’t know
You’re out of control
And then I find all this from my boys
Girl you said i’m cold
You saving souls
You’re already know i’m not a touching material
I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
Im taking back my love,
I’ve giving you too much,
But i’m taking back my love,
Im taking back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love
CIARA:what did I do?
But give up to you
I’m just confused
As I stand here look at you
From head to feet
Always about me
Go ahead keep your keys
Its not what i need from you
You think that’s enough
you made your self cold
ENRIQUE ” oh yeah”
How could you believe
Your more then me
I'm your girl
You’re out of control
ENRIQUE “so what”
How could you let go
ENRIQUE “oh yeh”
Dont you know I'm not touching material
I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’ve giving you too much,but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love, my love,my love,my
I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,I’m taking back my love,
I’ve giving you too much,
But i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love, my love,my love,my
So all this love, I gave you take it away
You think material is the reason I came
If I have nothing what do u want me to say?
You take your money you take it all away
I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,I’m taking back my love,
I’ve giving you too much,But i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love, my love,my love,my
I give it all up, but i’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,I’m taking back my love,
I’ve giving you too much,But i’m taking back my love,
I’m takïng back my love, my love,my love,my
Recently, there were many friends that scared me. Hohoho. I think after this I'm not gonna text them (people who has no intention to me). Hurm..scared me though..Aku fobia gler...when my friends especially didn't rep me for instance in a crucial time. So, I'm not gonna text them anymore. "If your friends are really looking for you, they will text u~reach you" Hehe..Ak pom nk bt mcm dlm movie Koizora r.
Sdhla korang...Pasni dun ever ask me knp ak X text (sms). Xbersyukur lngsng and X pndi jaga hati owng lngsng ne. Ble ak Xrep sms, X text korang..Korang kte ak smbng....Haih...* sighing
X.o.x.o goSSip girl

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Love to KATTUN

My besfwen Wawa pasti ske...
the words that I put in the header above
in front of Jin's shirt.
which means
that guy (Akanishi)belongs to Wawa
X.o.x.o gOSsip Girl

I'm not suck....

~such a jerk~
I'm scared!!!
will never give them text anymore
x.O.x.o gOssip girl

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

I can almost see it
That dream I'm dreaming but
There's a voice inside my head sayin,
You'll never reach it,
Every step I'm taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but I
I Got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high
There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb
The struggles I'm facing,
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I'm not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm going to remember most yeah
Just got to keep going
And I,
I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on, cause
There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb (yeah)
There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,S
ometimes you going to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb (yeah yeah ea ea)
Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It's all about
It's all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith

Mrs Kazuya K~"There are so many things that I've learned from Kame. He never showed tiredness. Because of HIM unconsciously He makes me energetic, determine with my work, with my task that my boss gave me, determine to read, determine to learn, determine to do my assignments. Huhuhu. Arigato' Kamenashi Kazuya!. Please take care of me".Please Dun get sick!!! for Break The Records concert which will hold 8 consecutive days with 440 000 tickets were sold out in a day.Onegaishimasu!! Love U and
All Love to KATTUN. Zutto!! Gambate!!! and I will gambate and hope to meet You in person one day. Can I be selfish? want to continue my study in Japan and hope to meet U..Can I? I want to gambate for JAL (Japan Airlines) scholarship. Hehe. I'll pray for that. Kame~Rescue me

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm suck.....


Instead of asking 'him'...questioning myself whether he love me or not do I've ever questioned myself whether I love him? Do I really love him?
I'm suck,ne. Me-myself not sure about it. Hehe. Sometimes, I found that actually I'm the one who is always unsure about many things, who is not fair in certain ways...Haha. I'm suck...
Unpredictable woman~This week I said something else for example I want to be stubborn then, after that I dun want to be stubborn. I think that He must be tired and maybe bored with me. Unpredictable and easily change my mind.Haha.I'm suck.Gomenasai. Hontoni Gomenasai.
I~Mrs Kazuya K finally make a promise to keep my words. To be stubborn
I stay in love wit him. I love myself who love him.......
Matteru yo m..s..
Wait for him until he didn't say to me "STOP"...Will wait for him because He likes me to be stubborn. Haha, it's only with him I want to be stubborn..................
I want to try to understand him without questioning. But it's not my fault at all. He just always used the emoticons, symbols when he said something, answering something. :) He likes this emoticon... :) . Answered me by giving a simple and short answer. Yup, Aah, :)..........Hehe. However, I want to try understand him better. Be Optimistic. Yes

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is K.A.M.E.N.A.S.H.I K.A.Z.U.Y.A my destiny? I'm the happiest woman in the world, then :)

Kazuya Kamenashi (Kame)
B-day: 23rd of february 1986
Height: 171cm
Pets:A Dog-name Ran chan ,Type of his dog:Kaninchen Dachshund
Fave type of girl: Fair skinned, very mature & must be older. Haha~I'm one year older than him.I like

Interesting facts: -
~he smokes and he dropped out of school O.o-I dun like guy who smokes but I would consider it if it is about Kame.
~He is an exceptional baseball player, even winning in friendly games against professional players (e.g. the Hanshin Tigers).
~He has two brothers, one older with a daughter, one about 16 years old, and no sisters.
~Some of his favourite hobbies are baseball, camping, surfing, keep-fit, and swimming.
~He is very unconfident with women, admitting that he finds it very difficult to talk to them.
~He is scared of vampires and heights. I'm scared at heights too.
~His best friend is Akanishi Jin, and some of his other friends are Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa), Tachibana Keita (w-inds), and Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids).
His type of girl is one who is older than him, slim, physically fit, smells nice, has common sense, is understanding to men's feelings, and has an air of "purity and innocence". I think I will pass the audition.Haha. :p
~His cologne is "Burberry" (I can't remember which one, though). Gosh! I like guys who's into this perfume~Burberry, Georgio Armani, Dunhill, CK.
~He likes time alone, and could not be with a person 24 hours a day for too many days at a time. Similarly, ask Wawa and Cik Lydia~sometimes I said to them I need space.hehe.Kame~AISHTERU YO!!
~He is very determined and likes to try his very best in everything he does. The most impressive thing that Kame has~very hardworking. I love guy who is HARDWORKING! Ironically, He's influenced me a lot. Just thinking about Kame~ I will be hardworking and energetic. Want to do my best.Arigato' Kamenashi Kazuya. Mystery~CHANGE my life!
~He loves England, Spain and Italy (one of his favourite subjects in school was English). Similar with me.
~He is a high-school drop-out. I hate school drop out's guy but as if it's about Kame~I would consider it.
~When he comes home from work he gets his mother to massage his legs (he often wakes up in the night with leg cramps).
~He used to get nosebleeds all the time, but not so much anymore.
~He has a female puppy called "Ran" chan.

Gambate!!! Because of Kame~SO HARDWORKING guy, Decency; me kind of want to try hard with my life; my ambition and I want to meet Kame so much and really want to go to KATTUN's concert I think I want to try hard and continue my PHD at Japan or anywhere. Can I? Gambate!! I will pray for that!! Turning impossible to possible~That's Yukan Club is all about. Minna, Gambate.I think this is something that I really want to do much.To Cik Lydia~Gambate!!! Let's continue studying! Get our PHD.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~Big Bang Rocks My World!!!!!!!!

Dae Sung
Stage Name : Dae Sung (대성); D-Lite
Real Name: Kang Dae Sung (강대성)
Birthdate: April 26, 1989 (1989-04-26) (age 19)
Education Background: KyeongIn High School
Position: Vocalist

Seung Ri
Stage Name : Seung Ri (승리); V.I
Former Stage Name : V & Victory
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Birthdate: December 12, 1990 (1990-12-12) (age 18)
Position: Vocalist

Tae Yang
Stage Name : Tae Yang (태양); SoL
Former Stage Name : Young Bae Taekwon
Real Name: Dong Young Bae (동영배)
Birthdate: May 20, 1988 (1988-05-20) (age 20)
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album 2002
Position: Lead Vocalist

Stage Name : T.O.P
Former Stage Name : Tempo
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)
Birthdate: November 4, 1987 (1987-11-04) (age 21)
Education Background: Seoul Art College (Majoring in Musical)
Position: Rapper / Beat Boxer

Stage Name : G-Dragon (G-드래곤)
Real Name : Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)
Birthdate: August 18, 1988 (1988-08-18) (age 20)
Education Background: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Debut: DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001
Position: Leader / Main Rapper

Last Saturday.,...
went to Petaling Street, CM to buy KATTUN's DVD with my sarangae.I didn't planned at all to go there in fact but can't wait to watch KNS.Hehe.Finally I'm finished watching KNS.Arghhh I love Kame. Kakoi!!! Even I didn't understand at all about wine but its kind of interesting to know about it. :) and looking at Kame who is able to act as the heir of wine from his late father.I love you Kamenashi.Zutto!
Big Bang rocks my world!!

First time I heard about Big Bang was from my online buddies. They told me that Big Bang has great songs!! But I didn't take her words seriously. But I dunno, while buying KATTUN's DVD at Kota Raya;me without thinking much bought the Big Bang DVD. Just imagine!! I've never listened their songs before but I bought their DVD.Hehe.Gosh!!!

After arrived home~take my bath and Yata' it's the time to watch the DVD that I bought. I will never ever REGRET it. This what can I say after buying the Big Bang DVD.They have great songs,They can sing well!!

However there WAs a funny story act about me ~ Big Bang.

Before watching the concert I did Google them. Read about them in Wikipedia and searched for their images.I read lots about GD aka G-Dragon.Have crush on him since I heard that He's the talented one and joined the YG Entertainment for long time together with Sol.Compared from other members like TOP, D-Lite and V.I both of them seems like 'sunbae' (senior) at YG Entertainment.Haha.The funny story is I love GD~the name but the pics that I love is actually is TOP. Its not my fault since I am newbie!! When I searched for GD's images there was one of TOP'S image went out so I thought that the TOP's pic is GD.Baka ne!! This happens because when I searched for GD, I didn't care about other Big Bang's members so I dunno about other four member's name.Hehe.Still, when I watched their concert when the translator wrote TOP for the Big Bang member that I love and GD IS anyone else I still can say to my friend the translator is wrong.Haha,Pabo!! Actually the pic that i searched which I love; it is actually TOP's.Confused? Hehe. I love TOP.
Haha ~Handsome.Kame's clone~ I thought He (TOP) is the same person ~GD at first sight.Hehe.However GD is magnificient!!
Continue about Big Bang.......................

Big Bang (빅뱅) is a Korean hip hop & R&B group composed of five members. Each member has a different part within the group, such as singing or rapping. They are considered to be the new fac...
Big Bang (빅뱅) is a Korean hip hop & R&B group composed of five members. Each member has a different part within the group, such as singing or rapping. They are considered to be the new face of the YG Family.

2006: Debut and success
Big Bang made their debut at the YG Family concert, held on August 19th, 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park. The group originally consisted of six members, but one was dropped in the ninth episode of their documentary video. Originally, two were intended to be dropped, SO-1 and Seung Ri. However, only SO-1 was dropped with Seung Ri still in the group.

Big Bang released their first single, "The First Single Album," on August 29, 2006 with the song "This Love" getting high requests among radio stations. Their second single "Big Bang is V.I.P." was released a month later on September 28, 2006. Again, it was a success. On November 22, 2006 they released their third single entitled "B I G B A N G 0 3". In December 30, 2006, Big Bang had their very first concert titled, The Real. The concert was a success, filling all 12,000+ seats. They also released a music video of their cover song from Israel "My Girl", with Tae Yang as the soloist, bringing much of the attention to him. The following month, their first album "Since 2007" was released, with a total of 110,408 copies sold.

2007: Breakthrough success and the song "Lies"
On February 8, 2007, Big Bang released their live concert album entitled "1st Concert Live Album - The Real" with 26,787 copies sold. They also released their own fragrance, "BB Bud's My First Fragrance (나의 첫번째 향기)," on May 18, 2007 after Se7en, another singer under the same company, released his “Touch by Se7en”. The fragrance sold over one million won after two weeks of its release, beating out "Touch by Se7en," which sold 60,000 won in Korea, Japan, and China in 2006 and 2,700,000,000 won combined in 2007.
In May through July, Big Bang held their first national tour concert in Korea, titled, Want You. The group successfully toured a total of five cities, Incheon, Daegu, Changwon, Jeonju and Busan. The national tour concert was a great success as all the concert tickets in each cities were sold out, earning an estimated total of 16 million won altogether. 2007 also brougth forth various solo activities for the group. Lead vocalist Tae Yang was expected to release a solo single in September of 2007, with him becoming the first member to go solo. However, September brought nothing from him and there have been no further information about it since. According to representatives for YG’s Yang Hyun-suk, this solo endeavor came about as a result of Tae-yang’s recent performances as well as his vocal contributions to Lexy’s album. Another member, T.O.P. (Tempo), was also cast into the drama I Am Sam. T.O.P. was also featured in Red Roc's music video, Hello. Other Big bang members have featured in various songs with Dae Sung in Nemo's digital single, "Now, Us" (이제,우리..), released on October 15. 2007. G-dragon was featured in "So In Love Part2" and Tae Yang in "I Should've Loved You a Bit More" (조금만 사랑할걸), both songs from Kim Jo Han's new album, "Soul Family with JOHAN" released on
October 25, 2007. Aside from solo activities, Big Bang released a new mini album in August entitled, Always. Big Bang had held their Showcase/Fanmeeting for the mini-album on August 19, 2007. The mini-album was well received by the fans and listeners, especially the song "Lies," which lead singer G-Dragon wrote and composed. "Lies" has been complimented as a well-made, appealing, and unique song by many critics.

"Lies" became the biggest hit of 2007 in South Korea, allowing Big Bang to win 1st place for the first time in Korean TV music program in " SBS, Popular Songs" on September 9, 2007. "Lie" also swept first place in all four music programs in Korea ( MBC, SBS, KBS and Mnet) within weeks, and topped numerous online and offline charts for unbelievably long periods of time, including Juke-on (for which is #1 for 7 consecutive weeks and Melon (Music site) for 6 consecutive weeks. The group also received the Best Male Group, and Song Of The Year in the 2007 MKMF Award, contributing to their hard work. In addition, Big Bang won the "Song of the Month," (Digital Music Award) from Cyworld 2 months in a row, selling more than 330,000 songs in 6 weeks after the release of their mini-album. Big Bang also filmed the music video for their song "Always" in Hawaii. The music video was released in November.

To capitalize the success of their mini-album, Big Bang announced that they were going to release an official album in November, however, November brought forth no album and instead, another mini album entitled "Hot Issue." Big Bang's first Japanese album has been move to being released around January of 2008. Songs that are expected to be included are: "V.I.P. (Intro)", "BIGBANG", "LALALA", "Lies", "A Fool's Only Tears", "Always", as well a new Japanese song, "How Gee," (a new remix version from How Gee by Black Machine). All the songs will be re-recorded in English.
Big Bang's second concert has been planned for December 28, 29 and 30 with the title "BIGBANG is GREAT." Tickets will be open to the public on November 4th in Korea.


Current members

The leader of the Big Bang is Kwon Ji Yong (권지용) but his fans call him GD or G-Dragon.(Yong in Korean means Dragon). He has been trained by the YG Family since he was 13 (Korean years) years old. During his training, Ji Yong and Young Bae were known as GDYB and had a lot of fans, even though they never released an album. Ji Yong has a great interest in fashion, saying that if he had not been a singer, he would've went into fashion industry. Besides rapping and beat-boxing, he writes and produces many of Big Bang's songs. He also wrote the hit single "Lies"(거짓말), which has topped almost every online and offline charts in Korea for more than two months since the release.

Tae Yang (동영배) has been with GD in YG Entertainment since he was 13. He started out as a rapper but is now one of the vocalists of Big Bang. He is known for being scared of girls, and is the shy, sensitive one in the group. Tae Yang had his first kiss on the MV of the Israel cover song "My Girl". Currently, Tae Yang is working on his first solo album. Tae Yang will be the first one to release the solo album from Big Bang.

The "Big Brother" of the band is Choi Seung Hyun (최승현), also known as Tempo or T.O.P. YG's staff calls him Keun Seung Hyun, meaning Big Seung Hyun, to distinguish between the two Big Bang members named Seung Hyun. Before joining Big Bang, he performed in clubs and even won KBS Radio's "Rap Battle" in 2003. Tempo is one of the two rappers in the Big Bang and is also very talented in beat-boxing. Recently, TOP has successfully finished filming his role as the school's top fighter in a Korean drama called, I Am Sam. His character's name in the drama was Chae Mu Shin and his talent as an actor has impressed the fans and the viewers as well.

Kang Dae Sung(강대성), the "Smiling Angel", is a vocalist in Big Bang. Fans praise Dae Sung's humorous personality and astounding vocals and dedicate numerous websites to him. During the auditions, Dae Sung was called "Unpretty Boy", but later, the staff team confirmed that Daesung is actually the most popular member in Big Bang. Dae Sung has an obsession with "Doraemon", a Japanese animation. Dae Sung has been also been known as "Gag/Comedy Genius Dae Sung" (Gae Chun Dae Sung in Kor.) with his great sense of humor and unique talent in imitating famous people and even animals.

Lee Seung Hyun (이승현), or known as "Seung Ri", is the "Little Brother" of Big Bang. His name when Big Bang debuted, was "V" which is derived from Victory. YG's staff calls him "Mag nae", which means "the youngest or baby in a family". Before joining Big Bang, Seung Ri was on "Battle Shinhwa", a show that was searching for the second Shinhwa, a very successful Korean boy band. However, he was rejected in 13th episode because even though he was a great dancer, his vocals failed to impress. However, the manager of YG recognized his talent and invited him to practice with the YG Family. Seung Ri's greatest talents are dancing and choreographing dance routines.