I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memories in Bali

So last February 10 I went to Bali with my JASEAN friends..It was one of the happiest moment that had in store of mine...Even it was a short time period but we had a great great great great time..The most important thing was we'd able to gather and spent time together..NKK is damn HAPPY!!! After busy with working, studying, stress and hectic life huh..ermm it is my first time in Indonesia in a nutshell I like Bali!! seriously!!! The beach is beautiful except for the traffic..Ohhhh No....I like the Rock Bar where before this I just saw it on TV...But like I said it's actually because U were with ur friends that what makes the vacation more meaningful!!! Catch the photos...we even still had time to ride a boat....heehehe :D

Korean pose

After sending off Bean..Huhuhu

With Miho..had our breakfast....Sushi King

Hahhahaha....I did try at least

Ohhh Shoko.....

Women are amazing!!!

Ermmm after Mrs Kazuya K becomes Mrs TY...