I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hahahaha..For the first time I felt really depressed.Being a student again, sometimes I feel exhausted....But I LOVE it because it gives me knowledge. I take Japanese language this semester. I hope that I can make it, I mean to give lot of effort, 'to gambate' so that it will not become useless. Unfortunately, there were things that always distract when I want to take the effort..Huhuhuhu. I love to go to class. Yes I always love that;to gain knowledge. I hate skipping the class unless......I have to. When I was studying for my degree, I can say that I had full attendance. No skip for 3 years but maybe I skipped for 2,3 times but I have absolute reasons for that like sick and sort of things. I do love hang out, spent time with my friends, online buddies but sometimes, most of the time I couldn't make it. Maybe for some people weekend is their day to make things out, but for me sometimes I want and HAVE to spent my weekend to do homework,assignments, reading.....Even it is a tedious things but I love that since I am a student.Besides, I think that when the semester starts, just give full of my effort for that because I still have semester breaks to make things out, I mean from the academic things;When that time comes I can watch Kame, KATTUN, Tv shows, downloading, Movies and anything so I just have to wait.Sacrifice...Yeah I thought so.Huhuhuhu. I always hope that I have EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA times for me. I need space to do things that I hope I can do. I am MA student. I have to read a lot. I really want someday I have time for me to read journals, article even during my pleasure time because I want to be knowledgeable and of course it's for my thesis next year. I dunno What's wrong with me but since I'm studying for MA now, being GRA and my life dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang 'jeng jeng' I feel like I LOVE to do something to make me knowledgeable and intelligent. Yes, maybe because I am now 23 years old, 24 on November. So that, matured sket...Xde la nk enjoy2 sgt. I love to do something yg I dunno can say it things yg academic sket. Reading books, journals which I'd never love before. Just Readings!! Novels or whatever it is..as long as reading.
There's almost six months I didn't go to my aunt's house. I know that she might mad at me. What should I do???
Time consuming..............................................I really want to go there and spent time with my cousin.Huhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhu.
I dunno what to do. There are lot of people around me; who are care and close with me that I need to care and consider their feeling,,.but the problem is I dun have enuffffff time......................Huhuhuhuhuhu. DEPRESSED!!!!
However, I still want to say I'm sorry..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

When love takes over...hahahhahaha

Director of Graduate School

1997-2000 University of Nottingham
BA (Hons) Classical Civilization2000-2001 University of Nottingham
MA International Relations 2001-2005 University of Nottingham
Ph.D. Political Science Awarded Jan 06

Christopher has been a member of the University of Nottingham for the past ten years; obtaining a BA in Classical Civilization, an MA in International Relations and a PhD in Political Science. Upon being awarded his PhD, Christopher became a Teaching Fellow in the School of Politics and International Relations where he lectured from September 2005 until December 2007 at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Christopher is the co-founder of The Agora Group, a youth think tank that provides an opportunity for students to discuss issues of a global nature. Christopher has been involved in organizing and running student conferences on an international scale and founded an electronic journal dedicated to providing a platform for student publication at an early stage of their academic careers. In August 2007, Christopher co-founded Agora Group Ghana, an NGO dedicated to improving education and welfare in Ghana and to raising political awareness and participation.

Research Profile


Multiculturalism - A Malaysia/UK Experience, paper presented and published at ICPE - 3 December 2008
The Malaysia Nottingham Doctoral Programme: The Challenges Inherent in Providing a Truly International Education, paper presented and published at ICERI November 2008
Multiculturalism - The Challenges we face as International Educators, paper presented and published at ICERI November 2008
The Role of Elites in the Spanish Transition to Democracy (1975-1981): Motors of Change (Edwin Mellen, New York: September 2007)
Tilting at Windmills: The role of Elite Actors in the Spanish Transition to Democracy, paper presented at ECPR conference in Helsinki – May 2007

Journal Editor: Youth and Democracy Agora Group e-journal
Journal Reviewer International Studies

2007 Lord Dearing Award for Teaching and Learning.
PhD thesis nominated by the School of Politics and International Relations at The University of Nottingham for the Lord Bryce Prize - Comparative and International Politics Best Dissertation Prize as sponsored by Political Studies Association October 2006.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nottingham University...

Hahaha..I love this one..Owhh Chris You took my heart away...Goshh!!! Well, I think that woman can easily fall in love with someone who is intelligent..Yes!! Can say that. Chris speaks 6 languages,LOVE to read books.Dr Christopher Hill, Director of Graduate School University oF Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Bachelor, get his PHd when He was mb 25 years old.Too early kan..Well.. Actually, I used to met him before when he came to talk during the Colloquim at UKM..I did admire him actually people who are intelligent or words yg bestnye "jeng jeng". Being an academia requires them hurmmmm put lots of effort , energy and mcm2 la..Just within a minute people like them able to give a brilliant idea to the stakeholders, students, listener for example.OMG....What can I say??????????

-My senpai-
-Dr Jane Walles-

Who love to go to seminar, Colloqium, workshop and sort of things? Huhuhuhuhu. To be an academia and 'jeng jeng' requires us to do that. Hahahaha....In the future. The reason why we have to do that because sometimes the society, your colleagues or boss found that U're needed to be apart of them since U're good, since you'd able to give them ideas, opinions, criticize.Yeah something like that. I found it when I work as an GRA to the Deputy Dean and of course She is a 'jeng jeng' person. I think people want her to be in most of the events because of the above reasons...Kakoiii!!! When we GRA has asked to go to Nottingham for attending the training for Research Workshop and We met lots of 'jeng jeng' people there.Hurmm. It's a great opportunity. The Research Innovation Week that we joined in 3 days give lots of knowledge to us since we are Graduate Research Assistant. Besides, We should thank to our boss, my boss for her hardwork to make this real and to our leader of the research for allowed us to go there. Even, there were something that we were not contented with but at least we appreciate for the price that the research project grant paid to us. It's a large amount in fact.Huhuhuhuhu..
Last but not least, Gambate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just almost forgot something, last time I went to library and one of the students called me by pointing her hand 'ESZ,ESZ'...Yes I am GRA for ESZ. It sounds funny actually.Can U imagined that..Maybe there's such words written in my head.Hahhahahhaha..But, Xkisah pom..I love ESZ....Be apart of the team..A great opportunity.