I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mrs Kazuya K's diary..

I was entering into selfish, stubborn world which might scared him.
I didn't want make him feel UNHAPPY and has to deal with it.
Therefore, I should let go the hands I was holding.
I am mischievous, cheeky, nut, stubborn..
If U dun like me...............I understand
Should I say this or sing this or do this
I'm ur biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me...
Papa paparazzi..............
For what?
Fighting to something that U're not sure?
I dun have idea..........
or should I just believe in him and care for him???
x.o.x.o gossip girl
I know u love me

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Face drop...

Kingston ey ey
Face drop oooooh oh oh oh
I see ya face drop drop drop
You touched my heart Dissapear
I never knew how much it hurt here
(made me feel like)
ooohh my girl girl girl girl girl
First came trust then came love
but this was none of the above I'm aware
(made me feel like)
Ooohh my girl girl girl girl girl
[Bridge]But your the one who said
that I'd be lost without you
(no no no no)You had your fun couldn't ride
this one without you baby (No no no)
[Chorus]And now I see your face drop
I told you not to leave me alone
and now that I got my ownI see your face drop
I told you not to count me out hey
Cuz you always tried to fill me with doubt
Saying that I'd look better if I was thinner
but you know you should of loved me for my inner
When I left you yo, I came out a winner
If you don't like it I understand
that every girl do for their man (feel like)
ooohh my girl girl girl girl girl
I cut it short cuz you got caught
Your not the girl you used to be no more
ooooooh My girl girl girl girl girl
[Bridge]But your the one who said
that I'd be lost without you (no no no no)
You had your fun couldn't ride this one without you baby
(and I know know know)
[Chorus]And now I see ya face drop
I told you not to leave me alone
and now that I got my own I see your face drop
I told you not to count me out
Cause you always tried to fill me with doubt
Saying that I'd look better if I was thinner
but you know you should of loved me for my inner
When I left you you, yo,
I came out a winner
Telling me come on back... What will I do from that
I would still still be yours if you knew how to act
but you underestimate a dude like me and I love it when I see your
Face drop I told you not to leave me alone
and now that I got my own
I see ya face drop
I told you not to count me out
cause you always tried to fill me with doubt...
Saying that I'd look better if I was thinner
but you know you should of loved me for my inner
When I left you yo,
I came out a winner

And now I see your face drop
I told you not to leave me alone
and now that I got my ownI see your face drop
(Thank you beautiful)
cause you always tried to fill me with doubt...
I won't face drop
if u dun like..I understand
* Lagu Cik Lydia..Two thumbs up for introduce me to this song..
Xsia2 bg ak yg tgh busy td dload lagu ni utk ko. I do understand ur interest is similar to me..Pantang dgr lagu baru..hehhehe
x.o.x.o gossip girl

Cmelnye senyuman G-Dragon

I can't breath..I can't breath

I can't breath no more..I can't stop no more


So, this what u've been waiting for...? Brand new GD? :) You r my heart heart breaker...

:#$% The Bedside Detective

Release Date: 1 October 2009
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English
Running Time: 1 hour 57 minutes
Director: Komkrist Treewimol
Cast: Sunny Suwanmethanon, Patarasaya Krousuwansiri, Panisara Pimpru.

Synopsis: Jok (Sunny Suwanmethanon), a television mechanic is also a private detective wants to expose affairs of unfaithful husbands. The number rule is not to fall in love with the target, but the new target is such an irresistible girl called Nampan (Patarasaya Krousuwansiri).She's a secret lover of a wealthy old man. When Jok goes deeper into the case, he finds out that Nampan also has another wealthy admirer and the wife of her admirer plans to blackmail her. Though the case is risky, Jok decides to help her from danger.

Hehhe...I've never went to the cinema to watch other movie genre accept English. But, just like Rabbit said, Why not??????????????????????..Pls give me sometime to go and watch this.Onegai!! I think that this movie is funny though...I watched its preview just now.Then, I want to watch my sis pnye movie 'the ugly truth'...Speak her mind and do things in her own pace...What's not to love about Katherine Heigl????????????

x.o.x.o gossip girl

Monday, October 26, 2009

Revolusi Gue

Aku keliru menjadi buntu
Arah hidup yang ingin ku tuju
Rasa resahku kian celaru
Dengan ilham ku tempuh
Aku cuma mahukan..Bayangan resahku akan hilang..
Tapi keadaan memaksa..menghadapi semua
Inikah revolusi atau hanya ilusi
Bagaikan mimpi jadi realiti
Rasional diriku...Rasional dirimu
Menentu masa..masa depanku
Adakah masa manjadi punca
Diriku di dalam dilema
Benarkah anjakan paradigma
Susuli ku terima
Aigoo!! Uceng chan..Gambate ne!!! This happened because of time I think, I'm Mrs Kazuya K: A person who love intrinsic and motivation.I'm sure I can overcome this.Huhuhuhu I have deadline for several task, I need to do readings for conference, I have 6 assignments to submit and many things. It's the matter of time.Therefore rs depressed but I am me..I love to challenge myself. Rabbit told me that it's because I'm carrying lot of important things so it became difficult to walk today but Uceng chan, Gambate!
Akanishi Jin-Care
Always, we and surely everyone....
Bring along many sadness and weakness
Even if we start to fall, in the strength to step forward
There surely, the smiles for all the times we cried, will be waiting
No matter what you start losing in this world with rules.
If for example you were hurt
Anyone's love can change colour many times
On the day you become tired and lean on me
No matter who you are,
I will be there to embrace you
P/s: Coming to my life..make it so miracle miracle
x.o.x.o gossip girl

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I can't describe my feeling

Finally I finish doing my passport last wednesday. Hohoho..I dunno how to describe my feelings now when people one by one start to ask me."How do you feel?" Just now I went to International Relations Office to give my passport to the agency that will incharge us for the time being in Japan. Then, My Boss asked me to go to her office because she wants to help me with the homework that I need to finish before my departure. Actually before 30th of November. My boss did ask me, How do you feel, Huda? Happy? Excited? Confused? I just smile and said i have all that feelings. Hanya Allah je knows my feeling. Feel really blessed and terharu sgt2 especially with my boss who really care about me. Asked me to pray to God, solat hajat before this. I think the most excited person is her. She congratulated me many times by saying good good good good....Ye la...We didn't expect that kan...Hehehhe. Anta form pom dh lambat.Huhuhuhu. Just my luck. I'm happy!!!! Spe xnk pergi ke negara matahari terbit tu????? I love Japan but I've never thought yang able to go this soon. So that, I'm a bit surprise and didn't believe it. But,Thank you Allah and my boss for her hardwork and for me too. Clap clap. Paling happy lagi....Because people start saying to you..I'm proud with you...My ex Ct Link boss who knew about this form my friend's sister congratulate me through YM and said ................"I'm proud with you". Then, Wawa wrote in her Facebook "Bangga gua dgn kwn gua"

Arigato' minna san.......................

That's all I can say.....It's more than words in fact

I'm gonna miss everyone and of course my family that's what came to my mind now!!!!!! even it's just a week but it's far though...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My 100 posting

I've thought about this before...My 100 posting shud be something special and related to Kamenashi Kazuya..I mean I have to remind myself that I make this blog because of him.To express my feeling to him and KATTUN.How I love them so much.intentionally...But I've never thought that it more than that...Minna,I'm goin to Japan this November...13th-19th November for Japan-ASEAN Student Conference...Can you believe it...must not..Aren't you?? Me neither...Last time in early of September my boss's Personal Assistant called me she said that come to office because u need to fill a form..I asked her PA did Dr want to send me to go to somewhere? *like before (going to Nottingham University) and she said Yes and I asked to where? and she said to Japan....What? I just dun wanna think more and excited terlebih..I asked Wawa to take that form on behalf of me since I was not in UKM....Then, dipendekkan cerita....I fill in...Semua perasaan ad ms tu..Confused especially bcos I have deadline for several assignments...to submit...However,..I think why should I just try it..fill in the form and writing essay- 5 pages essay in several hours...Hohohoho..Challenging glerrr beb....I almost gave up...Tp bila memikirkan tentang my boss yg excited glerrr..Agak terharu bile die susunkan borang ak..kemaskan my form..Well a ‘jeng jeng’ person like her did something like that. Does not define her…I dun want to make her dissapointed. So I just do it...Furthermore, I love to challenge myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hantar form pom dh lambat, I didn't give a hope towards that. X confident pom ade jgk la...According to application form tu the nominated candidates from AUN Member Universities will be considered by the steering Commitee and the result will be announced by the end of September 2009. Just imagine today is 20th October We just got the result...Ak x bagi harapan pom..I thought I fail...Until I went back from JB n read my official email from JICE congratulate me and others...Hohohoho..Time bace tu..Rs mcm mimpi pom ada...Hehhhe...Ni pom aku rasa mcm msh bermimpi......Ok let me share with u guys about AUN, JICE, JENESYS and ASEAN Student Conference......
AUN stands for Asean University Network -How to say about AUN...yea..Hurm...Ala...a community where comprise ASEAN Universities mean University negara ASEAN like Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangkok and etc etc but not all University join AUN for example kt Malaysia only three universities which join AUN..which are of course UKM, UM and USM....Honestly if it was not bcos of this I dunno such a thing..dunno about AUN.. and in fact I dunno I'm a student of AUN member University.
JICE Japan International Cooperation Centre (JICE)..
JENESYS stands for Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange of Students and Youths A programme which established in 2007, in which Japan has been inviting approximately 5000 youths each year form ASEAN member countries as well as East Asia Summit Member countries to Japan.
Japan-ASEAN Students Conference, proposed by Japanese government in response to the entry into force of the ASEAN Charter on December 15th, 2008, in the pursuit of the regional solidarity among the next generation, will be held in Japan from November 13th to 19th, 2009. It will be funded by Japanese government and to be conducted under JENESYS (Japan- East Asia Network of Exchange of Students and Youths) At the conference, youths from 10 ASEAN member countries get together in Japan with Japanese counterparts for a week to have a series of discussions about common issues and interest to conclude a joint statement, which will be reported to the next Japan-ASEAN Summit. In the process of discussion, mutual understanding and trust, foundation for building a sense of community, more accurate knowledge of the history, culture and society of participating countries, and regional awareness to promote interest in common issues in the region are expected to be further gained by the participants.
ASEAN and Japan; Common Goal in the Region
ASEAN, Association of South East Asia Nations, was established in 1967 in Bangkok for the following objective; (a) Accelerating the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region. (b) Promoting political and economic stability in the region. (c) Resolving various issues in the region. It has 10 member countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and many dialogue partners around ASEAN countries including Japan.Among the noticeable efforts by ASEAN, ASEAN Vision 2020 is characterized as its first specification of the goal. The whole of Southeast Asia is expected to become an “ASEAN community“ and also to achieve regional development and an affluent standard of living through cooperation in the region by 2020. The signing of the ASAEN Charter at the 13th ASEAN Summit in Singapore in 2007 also lay the foundation in establishing the ASEAN Community by 2015, of which establishment was based on the three pillars set out in the Bali Concord II, 2003. Three pillars are ; (a) ASEAN Political Security Community, (b) ASEAN Economic Community, (c) ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. The Charter was entered into force on December 15th 2008
ASEAN and its Youths
ASEAN has been drawing strength from unity not only among governments but also among its diverse peoples. Among them, the importance of the youths’ key role in helping creation an ASEAN Community in the future has been stressed, both as recipients of the benefits of ASEAN integration and as leaders of ASEAN in the future, and in raising awareness of ASEAN and reaping the benefits of community-building in creating manner. The efforts in fostering global-minded youths are recognized to be crucial not only for ASEAN but also its dialogue partner countries, in order to move towards greater integration, emphasizing sustainable and equitable growth as well as to cope with unforeseen challenges ahead in the region. It is regarded to be pertinent to guide the youths of ASEAN and Japan to foster a common regional identity and a shared vision of the future.
ASEAN University Youth Summit
One of the cooperative efforts into the younger generation was the ASEAN University Youth Summit 2008, which was held on 15 – 16 September 2008 in Thailand. It was the cooperative project of the Thai Foreign Ministry and the ASEAN University Network (AUN) in order to establish a platform for students from ASEAN countries to share ideas and propose the Joint Statement to the 14th ASEAN Summit to be held in Thailand. Youth representatives from ASEAN countries presented their Joint Statement of the ASEAN Youth Summit 2008, to the ASEAN leaders at the 14th ASEAN Summit, Thailand on 28 February 2009, protesting the importance of the efforts in three fields based on the Bali Concord II ’s three pillars; Political Security, Economics and Socio-Culture.
ASEAN and Japan: JENESYS Programme The ASEAN member countries and Japan, one of the dialogue partners share the goal of regionalism and economic integration and commonly acknowledge the importance of investing in the youths. Among various human resource cooperation and people-to-people exchange, the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange of Students and Youths (JENESYS) programme was established in 2007, in which Japan has been inviting approximately 6,000 youths each year from ASEAN member countries as well as EAS member countries to Japan. Through the programme, Japan aims to help lay the foundation for solidarity among Asian countries by promoting mutual understanding of the future generation of ASEAN and other EAS member countries.
Japan - ASEAN Student Conference
Following the ASEAN University Youth Summit 2008, both ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN University Network acknowledged the fruitful outcome, further development of the Joint Statement and more involvement of the youths to be called for. ASEAN Secretariat and Japanese government then agreed to hold a JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference as the second stage of the ASEAN University Youth Summit, involving Japanese youths this time to discuss the same themes. The Japan-ASEAN Student Conference is formulated to be an integral part of the JENESYS programme.
Selamat membaca...x.o.x.o Gossip girl....
A new me...
This post is special because of the above underline reason…When I go there..There’s no boundaries between me and Kame.Sugeiii ne.I'm goin to write a love letter to him..Mne tau terserempak dgn die kt sne nt..Hehhhe..Pray for me...Selamat pergi dan pulang minna. See ya..Catch ya in the next post.
‘Japan and I’

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last week I spent my holiday at JB....again??? Hehheh..Second time...At first, agak berat hati yea untuk pergi...tapi setelah berfikir panjang last minute aku ikot gak..Teringat ais kacang JB yg sedap tu,,...Adeh!!! Xtahan aku..Hehheheh...Xsmpt utk bercerita panjang silalah tgk pic yang ada...

Purpose to go to JB is because of Marhaban..


Mr Rafiq treat us lunch at Season's Pelangi Plaza....Thanks yea...NEXT time turn ktrng lak...


Dinner with Cik Lydia's family at Nando's Jusco Tebrau..I ske Jusco niii cos ad store Levi's,ad ESPRIT, Ade NIKE,Smua adela wawa mesti ske cos ade MNG.
*smpt jgkla gue shopping wallet...Sarangae teach me to love ESPRIT...
Pastu Cik lydia bwk g Danga Bay...A place where I really want to go..mS first time pergi Xsmpt...

Then, mkn ABC kt Bomba.....Ni la ABC Johor...Oisyiiiiiiiiiiiii (delicious)


Ni beberapa jam sblm bertolak ke Bangi..Cik Ibu ajk dinner dulu...kt Singgah Selalu..Boleh tahan yea mknn nye...

Itulah percutian saya...Thank you so much kt Cik Lydia yg sudi bwk pergi JB...n of course utk Cik Ibu thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for everything..........utk keluarga Cik Lydia juga TQ for your hospitality and assistance.....

x.o.x.o gossip girl

I love my school

Open House School of Language Studies
Time:12 Noon
Date:15 Oct 2009

Haisyy mmg xhbs2 dgn open house kitorang ni yea...Ari tu act ktrang ade class n ad presentation jgk..Then ms dlm kelas tu lecturer ktrng annouced that our school bt open house...Hurm, begitu kebetulan..kitorang ni mmg murah rezeki..harap smpi tua la..murah rezekinya..heheh..ok check it out......

*ni la sensei yg ajr ak Nihongo..I mean Japanese Language....)

Monday, October 5, 2009

For GD's L.O.V.E and my Heartbreaker people..

Hahhaha..It's been a while I didn't write..Ermmm..
Busy skett..Besela...semester is almost end so there are several deadlines task/assignments . So, this post is for GD's Love..Spe yg xske GD..duk diam!...Ermm..Actually Mr A dh btau awl2 that GD akan kuar album in September cm tu..He told me about three months ago..Besela...Dia tu cpt sket dpt info..Japanese kan..But, ak ignore jea..Hahahhaa..Bcos I know that dia lbh ske ak who love Big Bang more instead of KATTUN,..Errrr..Unfortunately He knew that of course I love KATTUN more..Hahha..But that was not a problem at all...whether I love KATTUN more or Big Bang more...I can't choose between both of them..So, here the brand new GD....When I listened to the preview of this song before it released, like Mr A said this song is awesome....Yeah...'Heartbreaker'....GD's new single..Let's watch the video minna...Arrrr the second video is 'Breath'. Hearbreaker Album by G Dragon comprises 10 songs which featuring many famous singer in Korea which also include his bestfriend Tae Yang for the 7th track in this album for the song name 'Korean Dream'. Honestly, I love all the tracks in this album but the one that I love most is "1년정거장", "the leaders" ft Teddy and CL 2ne1, the one that featuring with Tae Yang "Korean Dream" AND of course "Heartbreaker" and "Breath".Even, some people claims that He did plagiarism for some songs in this album but
who cares???????????????????????????????????????????
We love G Dragon....Hahhahhahha....I just realize that He deserve to be a leader for Big Bang..So telented!! therefore no wonder that everyone love G Dragon