I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Friday, June 26, 2009

A day without my 'Fujitsu'

First time..aku kena berpisah ngan Fujitsu aku. Huhuhuhu
Blame it on me....Sapa suh berlagak.Hahahaha.Oppa nk bagi pinjam 'Vaio'
Aku cakap Xpe....Aku bukan de keje.Hehehehehe
Dh bese hdp ngan notebook mmg korang akan rs suffer gak tanpanya...
Tp Xpe...Aku nk kuar niiiiiiiiii so Xde r bosannnnnn
Besides,...What a friend for kan? Hari ni hari Oppa maybe sok hari aku lak...././/
To cik Lydia,if anda nk pinjam my 'Fujitsu'....Ape pantun yg nyiru bla bla tu?
Luper....Sebesar tapak tangan aku tadahkan.Hehehehe.Hontouni.......!!!
Fujitsu ak tu cantik sangat kottt so sumer nk pinjam..Hehehe
PROUD nyerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
x.o.X.o gOssip girl

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is "On My Mind"

Baby please come back to wa ienai
“Baby, please come back” I won’t say it
Ano koro ni wa kaerenai
We can’t go back to those days

Sugisaru toki no nagare ni
To the time that flowed away
Negau I just wanna forget
Please, I just wanna forget
Ano koro wa ienakatta kotae o
The answer that I couldn’t say at that time
Mou ichido Say it
Once again Say it
Kuchi ni dashite miru (stay with me)
I tried saying it out loud (stay with me)
Me no mae ja ienakatta
But in front of your eyes, I just couldn’t say it
Omoi dasu tabi ni kuyamu
As I remembered everything, I regretted
What a fool I were
What a fool I were
Nandomo chansu kureta noni
Even though lots of chances has been given
Dakara zutto
That’s why, always,
Anytime I’m yours
Anytime I’m yours
(staying on my mind)
(staying on my mind)
Baby please come back to wa ienai
“Baby, please come back” I won’t say it
Ano koro ni wa kaerenai
We can’t go back to those days
Sugisaru toki no nagare to
To the time that flowed away
Tada ima wa sugosu dake
And now, I’m just letting it pass by
Kienu omoi ga Coming back
The erased memories are Coming back
Itsuka toki hanateru no nara
If someday, I can let go of the time
I believe inoru youni
I believe, like a prayer
I just wanna forget
I just wanna forget
Natsukashii My friend saikai ni
How nostalgic, My friend, at the reunion,
Kikitai koto afureru kedo
The things I wanted to ask overflowed but
Furetewa ikenai (How’s his life?)
I can not smile (How’s his life?)
Kizukazu (Tears rolling down my face)
I couldn’t help getting touched by them (Tears running down my face)
Naze konnani ki ni naru no? (Get out of my head)
Why am I being so concerned like this? (Get out of my head)
Toge ga mada nukenu mama
The thorn is still attached,
Now he’s not mine demo kesenai
Now he’s not mine, It’s not yet erased
He’s smile still on my mind
He’s smile still on my mind
Ano machi o tooru tabi ni
As I walked past this town
Uzuku omoi
The memories hurt
Ano eki ni oriru tabi I’m really nervous
As I exited that train station I’m really nervous
Kizukanaku temo sure chigae tara
Without piling it up, it will pass by
Sore demo yo
But even though so,
You’re always on my mind
You’re always on my mind
I'm listening to this...Arghhhh ske lagu niiiiiiii
KATTUN did a great job.
Make me feel exhausted
x.o.x.o gossip girl

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am Mrs Kamenashi

Who can just stand looking at this smile? My ex-housemate;Dayah who is not a KATTUN's fan and not even Kamenashi Kazuya's fan said that "I like his smile" He will get all women's heart in the world....Hehe Well "I am Kamenashi!!!"
It has been a while ne, there is no story about Kamenashi Kazuya or Kazuya K or Kame chan or Kazu chan: whateva people might call him with different names but he's still my charming Kamenashi!! Arghhhh I've just read my older posts and there are two posts that I love most which I wrote How was Kamenashi Kazuya influenced me much. It's completely defines me. I love intrinsic and motivation.Kamenashi do not know about tiredness.He is a hardworking and workaholic man. I've learned much from him to become energetic, determine to read, gambate doing my assignments, gambate for everything without the feeling of tired and bored. Today, I'm going back to basic. Last week I did lot of tolerate, conforming that not define me at all. Ya'taaa!!! Last night dunno can't remember but I saw my housemate; Nani opened her email and there was email from me and I saw my name "Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya" went out; I mean the sender. AND she said to me there were lots of people pronounced this name "Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya" and It could possibly be a reality for me to be "Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya". I like this much.Hehe.Arigato' for being supportive friend even in other sense it looks like made me just hoping much. Huhuhuhu.I've never thought or dreamed to be real "Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya" because there are boundaries between me and him of course. However I still want to give my gratitude and saying Arigato' to all my friends who always support me to be "Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya". Tenkiu guys!!! To my international coursemate Umar who believe in me that Kame is my fiancee and pray for me that there is someday I can bring Kame's here and be apart of us. Hahaha I've never thought about that but Umar is practically very supportive and optimist friend that I've ever met. Tenkiu2...Hahahaha

The green gentleman got 3.78 for his PNGS. Gosh I got jealous with him, though. Will I able to get more this coming semester? Huhuhuhuhu. I wish to get 3.7 at least. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. Gambate Kudasait but it seems like difficult for me to get that PNGS this semester because the lecturers for this semester are strict and not easily to get their attention.Huhuhuhuhu. I'm so scared!!! Whateva it is Gambate Kudasait!!!!!!!!!!! Because I am Mrs Kamenashi!! To Cik Lydia and Cik Wawa Gambate ne!!!!

x.o.X.o gossip girl

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two movies for the weekend

What can I do? No boyfriend so No dates!!!
Oppps looks like I'm complaining by myself....Well, I'm happy with my life right now. Going to have a MA degree and to be a career woman soon..What's not to love about that?. Hohoho I dun need such a jerk boyfriend just to make me has a boyfriend. I need a STABLE ADULT MALE but my life is just getting started, I am still young, *age is not a really matter friends so I dun want to distract with something that unnecessary. Meeting someone that U love and someone that worth for me to living for I think it is more than enough. A while ago I keep asking myself whether will I meet someone that I love so much,that I want to spend the rest of my life with therefore since I did I have everything then I'll go and propose him. Arghhhhh...X.o.x.o gossip girl. Yeah I wanna keep U people guessing.Whateva!!!
Cntinue with the two movies that I watched to spend my weekend.
The two movies are "Confession of A Shopaholic" and "Marley and Me".
I am a shopaholic. I love shopping!!! Wawa loves it too. Who doesn't? Tell me tell me
When You go to shopping it was like U feel released because after your hard work and U got ur salary and buy something that U love most...Arghhhhhhh.....It's happy!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh
That kind of feeling. Sometimes it makes U; How can I describe it. ?It's just that feeling.
Watching this movie; which involved lots of designers clothes like Kenneth Cole, Gucci, Arkadius, Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Chanel, Valentino, Miu Miu, Just Cavalli I just started to think when can I buy the Gucci handbag? Is it worth to spend money for thounsand bucks for a handbag? I think Yes if I have lots of extra money...Heeheheehee
I still think that people can do shop, get things but within their reach. Shopping for labels or love are different thing. I am a shopaholic but since my salary is not 10 thounsands bucks a month so I didn't shop for designer labels that even I have trouble pronouncing it. Ex : Ermenegildo WHAT??//?/ Forregamo WHAT?/?///? Armani Collezioni?/?//// Adele WHAT? Biancca Steffini? Who's that?
The next movie was "Marley and Me". I was crying watching this movie. Its because I dunno but the love between the human and animal are great. Huhuhuhuhu. Besides, the role of Owen Wilson played I thought. He played as John Grogan incredibly charming. Yes!!!!!!! I loved that!!!
X.o.x.o Gossip girl

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cntinue the previous post

So for the number 7 is

He can makes you to be a better person

For ex: If b4 this U didn't wearing scaft (tudung) now u wear it not bcos he asked u to do so but he encourage U so U r sincere to wear that. *Not in other way

In other words, kte mkn jd baik bkn mkn xbek......hehe

8) When U r going to a date with him He will ask U utk tunaikan dulu hak Yang Di Atas.

I came up with this because last nite I went to my friend's house and there's lots of things happen since We didn't met each other for several months. One of my close friend told me that 'our friend did something which is unforgiven' Dunno who to blame of but I knew her even not so long even for a while but I know She's the one yg ckp 5 and I respect her but recently dunno what's wrong with her but I still hope dia jd spt dulu b4 she's gettin' close with 'damn guy' which I think destroyed her life.

Just pray for her because she is my girlfriend and of course I adore her.Huhuhuhuhu

Hey Dun say that I didn't accept her the way she is or I didn't respect her who decided to be with 'dem guy' but kwn tgh bt something unforgiven should I just keep quiet???

My firend-her bf tgh nk hancurkan hdp die should I just keep quiet???

My friend yg dulu ckp 5 waktu but bcos of 'damn guy' Die...owh gosh

In this case I cannot terima die seadanya.I can't let her.

Ba'ka!!!! Silly me then!!!!!

Whateva,But for other case after this I will definitely mind my own bussiness....

U r so noble to be my firend!!!!!.

I'm stubborn!!! nut-Tolerate is a negative value for me.

Human should be patient but I am impatient person and

I still think that sbr ada hadnye my girlfriends.Jgn smpi org pijak kepala.

Cheating is something that I would never can deal with it.

Opps, I almost forgot no 9 is

9) He didn't flirt with ur Girlfriends when U both still in a relationship.U should leave the guy who once flirt with ur friends when U both still in a relationship.AND Pls Dun question more if ur friends hate that guy much because U maybe know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Womanizer kan..kwn gf sendiri pom leh jer!!!!

Whateva it is ...Good Luck la korang semua....I adore all of my friends!!!

x.o.x.o gossip girl

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WHY do I have such a... in bracket "noble" gf like this...

Can we say it noble? I think Stupid is the correct one...
*That's why I wrote in bracket for the title of this post
Hohoho..I hate writing this..What's wrong with this girl?
Kena gune2 ke?Do my friends and I have to believe this "kena gune2"?
That guy is s*** man like ass....
Why do I have such a stupid girlfriend like her? Ha...?
U people judge by yourself
I'm gonna asking You guys...
This man was cheating her for a long long long time and many times...
this "silly lily"...*owhhh I can't stand looking at her* still admired him until now..
Forgive all of his faults..Damnnnnn
*If ak, Wawa and reasonable woman out there cheating is something that can't forgive all my life!!! TRULY DEEPLY MADLY!!!
Curang adalah benda yg plg Xbleh maafkan!!
This is definitely Decadence and Debauchery!!!!!!!!!
Was it so difficult for us to be loyal???
Owhhh man!!!!
Continue with the story about this s*** man...
He's womanizer......Handsome? Jauh panggang dari api!!!!!! I tell u the truth..
This man has nothing that to be proud of..Nk kte semayang ckp 6...Huh?
I dun think he is......
Stable? Owhhh man!! He doesn't has enuff money. Well sometimes depends to his "silly lily"...amik duit pompuan
*Yg si 'silly lily' tu plak..arghhh lautan api sggp ku redah*
Please la weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
She has good appearance..Could u pls find a guy that deserves U....
I have crush I mean I love someone..We broke off because of stupid reason, unnecessary reason.
*Last time I was still young so I dunno how to think and act like an adult.
My fault!! So I just said what I want to say..Huhuhuhu
Act, I dun tolerate much but only with him I do tolerate..I dunno because I think He is someone that worth living for..Worth for me to sacrifice ego aku...
Probably I dun want to regret anymore for whole of my life!!!
So, in this situation I thought a woman can do tolerate...Worth!!!
Whether it is worth or not U need to consider this;
1) Absolutely!!! You didn't broke off because He cheated on You then, U can
still go back to ur Ex-Bf.
2) He's kind to you. Kind doesn't means that sweat talker.
Be careful, my little girl!!
3) He's not the one that today said that He love u and tomorrow said that
he didn't love u anymore.
*Confused guy like this,Gosh!! It doesn't worth for u to go back with him.
4) He's not womanizer!! Tell u the truth once die jd womanizer!! It's difficult
to change!! even U r married!! Trust me there's a lot of cases out there!!
5) He's stable!!! in and out, zahir n batin
6) He's not a gay!! Mestila if he's a gay then U all na*** pom He didn't has
any feeling, ma!!! Huhuhuhu so useless ok
7) will continue later
*To all my friends-Feel free to add........
x.o.X.o gOssip girl

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I dunno whether I want to be H.A.P.P.Y with this PNGS or not. But, I still want to thank God..Alhamdulillah I didn't fail. Huhuhuhu If we get B- for Master's courses at UKM that can be considered as FAIL. I dunno about other University. Yata' I didn't have to repeat the paper.Alhamdulillah. Actually, to get 3.5 is common among Master's students.I can say that I shall not be proud with this PNGS unless I've got 3.7 or 3.8 then after that I should be proud.Hehehehe.However, with my lazy,playful attitude and last minute person I think I deserve this PNGS.Hahaha last sem I banyak
'men-men'. Last minute assignments,Huhuhuhu.I hope I can overcome this.This sem-Gambate and get a better results....Aminn!!!
X.o.X.o gOSSip Girl

Monday, June 15, 2009

I hate sharing sometimes....and I hate copy cat

Tolerate can be negative value.,sometimes
I agree with my boss about this
I also dun tolerate much, often.
Some said that "Sharing is happiness"
Yes!!! for certain things
Sharing someone U love with anyone else, can we say it is still H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S?
U judge it by yourself.
I have a friend, not a close friend but for many reasons I admired her
She's gorgeous. A very stylo mylo chinese girl..Hot!!
She has 3 friendster accounts *Lots of people admired her
When I first be friend with her, I read in her Friendster page:
She wrote "I hate people who copy cat me!!!!!!!!!"
I wonder...during that time
However, now I seems understand why..
I hate people who copy cat me, others and I hate sharing certain things with others.
U can judge me that I am not good person or whatever U like...
But I just can't stand sharing with other people about certain things.
I used to say before that I love if my friends love Kame. I'm proud of that.
Spread Kame's love. But, for many reasons I dun want it right now.
I'm ok sharing Kame with Cik Yuna, Is, Shaf and my other online buddies
because I knew how they LOVE Kame so much and I respect them so much.
Same like Big Bang-TOP and GD
I just hate those who just said that;
I love Kame
I love TOP
I love GD
I love Big Bang
I hate plain words like that.Hontouni!!!
I hate sharing with these kinds of people
*Ckp kosong
I love Big Bang-Love TOP,.Love GD
i WAS the one who into Big Bang........
So, Dun copy cat me!!!!!!!!!
Dun say that U are KATTUN or Big Bang's fans if U know nothing about them!!!!!
*Tidak indah!!!!*
I love Big Bang I am Big Bang's VIP
U all deserve to be VIP if U r really into Big Bang
Don't talk nonsense and useless!!
X.O.x.o Gossip Girl
*Songs that I listened recently;Neiro,Pierrot,1582,Water Dance
KATTUN Break The Records Album

Owhhh gosh!!! Owhh man!!!

Can I type this with my eyes closed? Ron for Real!!!
Owhh man!!
Next, CR7 is dating Paris Hilton?
Honestly...I bought the Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 ticket, one of the significance reason's is because I hope to see CR7 in person (LIVE)
But, I read The Star last Friday said that Ron for Real..
What can I say then?
I will go to Bukit Jalil this July with my broken heart!!
But, still I can watch Rooney, Giggs even not CR7
I hope that CR7 will be happier in Real Madrid
and improve his skills more.
Even He will go to Real Madrid but I will still support Manchester United.
x.O.X.o gOSSip Girl

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The H1N1 influenza A or Swine Flu Evolved Unnoticed for Years.Aduiii I'm so scared

livescience.com – Thu Jun 11, 10:20 am ET

The H1N1 influenza A, or swine flu, evolved and hopped to humans several months before public health officials recognized the outbreak, according to a new analysis. Scientists also said the virus's early incarnation was festering in pigs for years but went undetected.

The work, published online today in the journal Nature, highlights the need for systematic surveillance of influenza in swine, the journal's publisher said in a statement, and it provides evidence that new genetic elements in swine can result in the emergence of viruses with pandemic potential in humans.

Reports this week indicate the World Health Organization (WHO) is on the verge of declaring the viral outbreak a full pandemic (currently the agency ranks the outbreak as a level 5 on a six-point scale, indicating that a pandemic is imminent and time is short to prepare mitigation measures).

It is known that flu viruses evolve quickly. Two or more strains can get together in the body of a human or other animal and swap genes to generate new strains. As an example, one relatively benign strain that is able to infect humans might pass that ability to a more deadly strain that had only been able to transmit between pigs, thereby evolving into a new strain that is deadly and can pass between humans.

Researchers do not yet know exactly when, how or where the current strain developed.

For the new analysis, Andrew Rambaut of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and his colleagues used evolutionary analysis to estimate the timescale of the origins and the early development of the epidemic. They think it was derived from several viruses circulating in swine, and that the initial transmission to humans occurred several months before recognition of the outbreak.

"Despite widespread influenza surveillance in humans, the lack of systematic swine surveillance allowed for the undetected persistence and evolution of this potentially pandemic strain for many years," the researchers conclude.
*SCARY nyerrr,....Ya Allah Pls protect all my friends and family and smue org Islam kt ats dunia niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Onegaishimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aku begitu teruja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Semua org tau yg Man Unted will come to Malaysia this July.Yata'''''''''
Ak n Wawa dh de tiket...
Even time tu Semester dh mule..Aku sanggup ponteng kelas, Ci....Ye r dh beli tiket hundred weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..Mau X ponteng. Jgn r dibuat de kuiz or Aduiiiii Nauzubillah...la weiii
TQ kt oppa kerana tlg beli and Sorry sbb ak yg act nk tlg beli.Last2 ko yg tlg beli kt aku. Huhuhuhu. Gomen!!!!
Pelbagai ksh lucu ms nk tmph tiket ni. Antara yg plg ak Xbleh blahhhhh..Ble di awl pagi Oppa call mengadu psl tiket...
"Cne ni uceng, tny r Haze' Aku check o9 dh hbs ni" Aduiii, Ak nk yg RM300 Uceng!!!
Pastu ak kte kt oppa 'Nt ak tny Haze"
Pastu die call lg "Tiket tu ad kt Kuantan, Ko nk beli X? Oppa tny...
"Ak nk mtak tlg kwn Alia belikan"
Ak n Wawa pom tempah r yg RM98 tu...
Kisah lucunye...Oppa yg lawak n Xsabar2..Eeeeeeeeeeee
Pastu die call lg meluahkan perasaan sedey die
"Uceng, ak bengang la-budak tu bukan nk g beli cpt2 tiket tu..Padahal umh de dkt je.Ak tkt hbs uceng!!! Aduiiiiiiiiii Aku Xde selera ni nk mkn selagi tiket tu X beli!!!!"
Ak faham de dh lame tgu MU dtg...Ari tu kan CANCELLED..
So Die frust glerrrrrrrrrrrrrr r
Huhuhuhu, Oppa2 lwk tol.......Kesian Alia jd mangsa de.....Eyyyyyyy
Xpe la Yg pasti kte dh dpt tket n Training Session Admission Pass. Xsabarnyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Oppa, Alia nt Uceng and Wawa g same2 ngan korang tauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
AKU TERUJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next month beli jersi lakkkkk
*A condolence to Oppa and family bcos of losing his grandma this afternoon
-Smg ur grandma dicucuri rahmat olehNYA.Al-Fatihah

My vacation Part 2

4th June..

Huhuhuhu..Ak Xg mane2 pom bcos I have deadlines for my task to submit so ak decide utk stay kt umah wawa je even actually Wawa nk bwk ak g Jusco kt umah Shin Goon oppa Tp Xdpt ahhhhh..However, ak btau kt de "Ci, ak xpe X pi Jusco tp hang kena bwk ak pi mkn ns kandar" Hehehehe...So, Ptg tu de bwk r ak pi mkn Ns Kandar Simpang Empat. Orang Melayu nyer..

Hurmmm YUMMYyyyyyyyyy!!! Ak sje pekena Oppa btau die.Hehehe.Agr Die jeles.Die kt Bangi ms tu..Hahahahaha

5th June

Friday, ari ni Majlis Akad Nikah Wawanyer sis....Lps Jumaat Wawa and Aku accompany K.Ija di hari bahagia die ke masjid........Arghhhhhhhhhh Ak tmpng rs terharu disaat the grroom melafazkan kata "Aku terima nikah bla bla bla.............................................
Bestnyerrrrrrrrrrrrr kahwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ermmmmmmmmmm

At night...............Surprise partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Wawanyer birthday
Thank God..Finally, berjaya gak wat surprise party kt Wawa..
Ak realize byk benda ms nk bt surprise party niiiii..
"I'm really lucky to meet/ have such friends like Mangkok"
Sshnye if Mangkok Xde...

Ssh nk carik kwn yg bleh tlg kte ms susah kan...Ak tebalkan muka ak mtak tlg rmi orng utk just beli cake je....just tlg order cake Secret Recipe utk ak..Tu jer......Ak leh bank in duit...
Huhuhu Xpe la...Ak faham orang2 yg ak nk mtak tlg tu sibuk...
Tp sbb ak terdesak ak tebalkan gak muke ak utk mtak tlg...Huhuhu

Tp ak still bersyukur...Finally, last org yg ak mtak tlg is Eifa.Sek bek Cik Eifa bestfriend Wawa kt Penang and her close friends yg de kt Penang like Papa, Ayu, Linda and Syafiq.
Ehem ehem...............SUDI tlg ak wt surprise party utk Wawa.Thank You korangggggggggggggggggg! Thanks sgt2..........

*tHanks kt Papa yg pndi cover n Syafiq yg ske wt jokes

*Wawa's birthday cake

*Xsbr2 si syafiq niiiiiiiiii

6th June
Majlis Kenduri kt dewan....Ak jd org yg bg bunga telur...hehe
Besttttttttttt even penat sket2...Fun la
plg best ble kedatangan Mangkok....Arghhhh rindu nk hang out ngan Mangkok.
Night-Pergi Island lg to accompany K.Ija's friend................
7th June
Majlis Kenduri rumah the groom-Ikan de sedap rrrrrrrrrr.Hehe. At Evening, Wawa nyer aunty from Sarawak ajk pergi Island so for the third time ak g Island. Lagi sekali g Queensbay. Mak cik wawa nk shopping..Something happened ms kt Crocs nye shop..Bengang je ak n Wawa. xpela..Biar je ktrng yg rs perasaan itu.Kurang ajar 'amoi' tu. Harap anak2 de nt sempurna la yea.
Ngeng ngeng dpt mkn ns kandar utk kali kedua. Kali ni kt mamak's stalls name Pelita with Wawa's uncle and aunties.....Delicious!!
8th June
Babai Penang...........................
Hope to see him again
x.o.X.O Gossip Girl

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Vacation...

2June 2009..
I went vacation to Penang...A week..
On 2nd June 2009 around 12pm grk dr Bangi. Actually,We planned nk grk dr Bangi early morning on 2nd June but since I have to meet my 'mama' aka my boss..Terpaksala grk lmbt...

Aduii...Jnji jmpanyer kol 10...Tp fhm2 la...Timbalan Dekan..byk btol urusan..n orng yg nk dtg sembang ngan die..Tetibe ak t'mskla dlm perbualan mereka2 yang jeng2...Mcm2 yg ak tau...
Pastu terdetik kt dlm hati ak...tkt ngan orng jeng jeng ni..hehe
We arrived Penang around 4pm..rest jap then tlg pe yg ptot..
Aku mmg ske if kenduri..tatau knp..hehe

Bcos for me..time kenduri la we have a chance to meet our relatives who live far from us......

3 June 2009

Cik Wawa bwk ak g psr pagi kt Penang...

Hehehe..de ksh lucu...Act, Xlucu pom...Cme ak n Cik Wawa je yg rs lucu....Cik Wawa beli ns lemk kt ktrng semua then utk de...
Die beli roti John...While waiting org yg bt roti John tu we found something that attract us...Bro yg bt roti John tu gne 'solatape' bt bngkus Roti John de..Ktrng pom rs tu lwk..Then, ble ak glk Cik Wawa pe lg Xthn r...Bacin tollllll
Interesting la tp...hehehe..Literacy tu smue..Ktrng gelak bcos Xpnh nmpak kutttt..Kt Bangi Xde lak..Hehehe
Then,after settle smua..had our breakfast..So, kuar r g island..
First skali g Queensbay....Pe lg ak n Cik Wawa kn hantu shopping..
Hurmmmm..Bleh thn gk r shopping nyer...
Baju...Padini Concept Store kn de bt promotion..Pe lg ktrng..
Pastu Giordano pom de promotion..Aduiiii
Xleh blah btollll...Hehe

At Evening...g la Batu Feringgi..org yg act nk g Batu Feringgi is Cik Wany..Tp she's not coming..Bacin tollll
Smpt r lpk2 kt Batu Feringgi skjp..

Then, g Gurney Plaza...Ak nk crk Body Shop nyer perfume..

Sek bek pegi Gurney..Guess what..perfume de yg Oceanus buy 1 free 1...Gler r..If not 30ml dh RM 48..Ni RM 48 for 60ml..Best kn..
Without thinking I bought that perfume..Lme Xpki Oceanus since de Magnifique...
Hahaha lme gk kt Gurney..smpt ak beli turtle lg..Yata'
Act, ingt nk jmp someone kt Gurney..tp
He's just not that into me, kutttttttttt
Tp disebabkan
I didn't meet him a long time..Nk gk tgk die.Aku nk sgt jmpa dia.Huhuhuhu
Last2 jmpe la org tu kt Pdg Kota..Bacin.......
Memula beria-ia kte bebile rger..tp..Bang!!!!

So, jmpa la sky kt Pdg Kota...
Org yg plg excited mestila Cik Wawa..cos de ske motor
mat sky tu
Ak ske mat sky... motor bt ap hehehe
Ntah knp ak ade keberanian nk jmpa..Eventually,
ak tkt tau nk jmpa...My heart is beating so fast..rs mcm de rama2 dlm perut akuuuuu..hahahahaha....
Ms jmpa tu...pom..hehe.Only God knows..Tp ak kn ske act Coool...
Arghhh..I really miss him....Yes....
Rs cm Xpuas jmpa dia...
'Someone that worth living for'
-mat sky-
I love myself yg ske Dia
Hanya dgn Dia ak jd stubborn
jd selfish...Hehe

x.o.X.o Gossip Girl

*Cik Wawa yg Excited dpt tgk motor ...Ak excited tgk Dia..