I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm not copy cat,.in fact I hate that!! Chace Crawford...Nate Archibald

Chace Crawford played as Nate Archibald in X.o.x.o Gossip girl is the most handsome one. Heehee. I just think that..I love his role being an obedient son to his parent. He used to obey what his parent asked him to do which is he must dating and has a good relationship with wealthy girl Blair Waldoff. But, in the end he didn't do what his parent asked him and become a 'cool' guy again. Yeah! Hurm, maybe I should change to love Nate instead of Chuck seems my friend love Chuck but in fact I didn't follow her. Excuse me!! I used to love Chuck first. However,I dun feel that I wanna share to love the same guy for this time with Machi...Heehee,.Oh gosh..My emotion is not too stable, good rite now...Haha..lots of thing to do. Gossip girl, Nate, Chuck, Little J or whoever I dun have enuff time to think about them. I just want to finish my assignments. Well,. Meeting friends who can give commitment, hardworking I feel really blessed. Thank you Allah.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

X.o.x.O Gossip girl

Clock wise from left: Blair,Dan Humprey,Chuck Bass,Little J, Nate Archibald and Serena

Heehee..Last weekend (Chinese New Year) spent my time with my friends watching Gossip Girl 1st Season. Best Glerrrrrrrrrrrrrr..Actuallly I'm looking forward to watch that TV show..but dun have chance. Woho..The characters that I love the most in 'Gossip Girl' are Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick and Little J played by Taylor Momsem. The reason why I love Chuck Bass is because before this I used to see him act in the TV series 'Doctors' as a supporting cast at my cousin's house last year. Then, I saw him again in 'Gossip Girl'.Heehee. For Little J I wrote that in my friendster before I love Jenny for being desperate wannabe in this TV series. That's what I can say. Even she could make the audience felt disgusting towards her by pretending to be a wealthy girl but I still love her. She's cute nevertheless.

x.O.x.o..Gossip Girl

Time consuming....

Being a student again make me feel exhausted...Huhuhuhu..with lots of assingnment and I lost my vitamin (?).Hu3..But Gambate kudasait!!! Last two week assignment/group report is about critical reading..Gosh!! I read for many times plus joined discussions with my classmates but I cannot think beyond the text.Its difficult for me to understand thit text. "New Literacies in Theory and Practice: What Are The Impliations for Language in Education" by Brian Street. Same like others; my international classmates, local classmates even they are also could not understand it. But, in my last discussion yesterday with three of my classmates; Bita, Abu Bakr and Murad I kind of understand the text a bit plus today I spent my time in the library to read the text.Thank God!! Yeah, yesterday I heard something from someone and I love that phrase. 'Determine to read'..Woho..This phrase seems making me feel fresh, motivated, determine. Thanks to him. Yeah bacause I'm taking my master's now so there's not such things as lazy.i have to read lots. Absolutely!! I have to be determine with my work. Do reading, homework more than anything else e.g. watching TV, not much sleeping.Hu3. But I have new activity for the weekends now which is join KCS to organize Kame's 23rd Birthday Party.Yea2.I LOVE this!! Hope that I keep getting better.Bye Bye to the most coldest GUY in the world. I'm done with U.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm done with him

Being cold to me? who the h*** he thinks he is?
I'll make his dream come true.
I will also being cold..........................wait n see

500 for shopping...wasting? I dun think so..its for myself...

Finally, I bought my first expensive perfume..heeheeeheee

Wawa n Haze' force me..since they know I love 'converse'..Haha..But I intend to buy that even they are not forcing me..Heeehee Y

Role as my own mp3,.In Fact, it is for the office purpose..I seem to love "gadjet".

Y my converse forever!! Wish to meet him again...
Where do on earth he goes..I'm wondering

'Shopping'? I think that most woman love to do that. To say that I am branded conscious, I think I am not but maybe when i become a rich person probably I will. Hehe. Spent almost RM500 to buy shoes, perfume, blouse, khakis, bag, accecories last time..I dun think that it was wasting bcos totally speaking my friend spent her money to go out with her bf;paying train tickets, foods, fuel, tol, top ups RM10 per day I think this is totaly wasting. Don't u think so?? At least me...I spent all of my money for me. To buy things for me not others.Haha I'm kind of selfish, can say that.,I dun mind at all. That why Wawa and me cannot have boyfriend.Hehe..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bcos I'm Kamenashi....

bestfren ever!!!!

they are not guilty to be born 'beautiful'

my sexiest saiai....

you make me feel really blessed;!!

make me............. drowning!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to My Kame Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anata SEKIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby just say Goodnight...I'll be gone tomorrow..
Baby dun say Goodbye!!


Kidnap My heart!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


After all...KATTUN will never make me stop!!!! Sekides Kame!!!!



New Year 2009

New year..................
For Those who was born on new year..yesterday must be a special day for them.
HAPPY Birthday!!! and Omedeto' (Congratulations!)
Hurm, for me,.new year is only can make me worried about my age who is not more younger but unfortunately become more older..hehe ; However, some people said that age is not the biggest thing..the most important is we must 'look and act like we are younger than our age'. Probably yes!!
New Year...............
When it comes to new year then it will not complete without resolution..
'What is my resolution for this new year??'. That thing is always comes to our mind when new year is coming. Am I right?? Some who still didn't do their last year's resolution then will continue to this new year. Some who did will start thinking for new resolution. Well, don't you think that actually when we talk about resolution we have to try hard, give a soft and gentle-hearted to make it happen. Last year I'd forgot about my resolution. But this year.,I want really 'gambate' for my resolution.
New Year...................
Become 'newbie' for Sarjana..Haha..Afraid!!!! Scared!!!
I just can't think at all But at the same time I am looking forward to be a student again.
I am really hope that I can manage it. Get a good results!!! this what I am looking for.
I wish I can.Gambate Kudasait!!!
My first class is starting today...
3pm at PPBL..School of Language Studies.

p/s: happy Birthday to ...