I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yesterday, I watched Wanita Hari Ini..hehe..It so sudden kn..Maybe bcos I had fever so even it was a holiday (Maal Hijrah 1430) tp mls nk kuar.So that, aku just lepak2 je kat rumah. Mkn ubat,watching Tv and sleeping..Huhuhuhu Xlarat gler..Only God knows that. Back to 'Wanita Hari Ini' since yesterday is Maal Hijrah so topicnya pom mestila psl Maal Hijrah kan. Hijrah bkn hanya kita mengingati perpindahan umat Islam dr kota Mekah ke kota Madinah tp Hijrah means bagi smua orang is to change drpd yang tak baik kepada baik. Dlm 'Wanita Hari Ini' tu ada artis jemputan yg kira mcm dh lakukan 'hijrah' iaitu dr tak pakai tudung kepada pakai tudung. Maybe cos aku demam yang teruk aku terlupa sekejap tentang hijrah yang aku nk buat pd tahun baru ni tp Alhamdulillah msh xlupa untuk membaca yasin dan doa awal dan akhir tahun semalam. Tp, lepas aku tgk 'Wanita Hari Ini' yesterday it makes me think n keep asking myself 'r kan,apa hijrah aku yer?' huhuhuhuhu...Hijrah ku??? Hurm xperlu kut aku nk bercerita di sini..But, I wish I keep gettin' better..2009=1430H AND the most important thing is semoga Tahun 2009 lbh baik drpd thn 2008. Wish U guys the same thing!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Love is a bEautiful Thing!

I never knew love could be like this
Powerful to protect me through the hard times that always exist
Make the hardest heart break down
Make a person who hates
Love himself so he can love those around
It takes love to forgive everyone
For all the things they’ve done
It’s not easy but the freedom will come
We gotta learn why it is that we here
It’s more than loving your life
It’s making sure your life is loving your peers
Now if you could just catch my heart
Then we can part from the past
Let the days of the new love start because…

Love is a beautiful thing
That brings together people of every generation
Love can heal the pain of a broken world
It’s got to start with us
And all it takes is love

Well I've got to make it clear
Love’s the reason we are here
We’re the object of affection from a God who holds us dear
And every where we go and everything that we do
Every time that we love
It's a reflection of You
Cause You are true love
So make it real in us

Stop holdin’ on to the past
So we can bask in the rays
Let the days of the new love last

I didn't see it come
I didn't see it go
I never knew a love like this before
I’m so glad You found me
I didn’t see it come
I didn’t see it go
I never knew a love this before
I’m so glad You found me

They say all you need is love to bring about change
And all you need is one to ignite the flame
And if it’s so, group one would be the first to say
That we lightin’ up this torch and running in loves name
We’ve searched around the globe and even looked to the stars
Tried to fill this void with money and nice cars
Took advice from songs in the top 10 charts
And never realized that it starts in our hearts
Because love… is a beautiful thing y’all

I love this song from Group 1 Crew. Someone gave me this song. It’s awesome, ne? I mean the lyric. Bear in mind about one thing; the context of “love” is not FOR love bug, lovebird or whatever love. What I mean is we can say that a relationship between friends can also describe as love. Therefore, LOVE is not only for couple who is in love. We LOVE our friends, we LOVE our family. Have u ever watch a movie called “Aquamarine” starring by JOJO? The story is about Jojo and her best friend who met with the mermaid who is looking for love in human. The mermaid has to prove to his father that LOVE in human exists in order to survive as a human once. At first, the mermaid is fighting for a man’s love but failed. She didn’t think that is the LOVE that she is looking for. Then, she founds that the true love is actually between her and her new friends Jojo and ?. I dun remember what Jojo’s friend name in that movie. Haha :p

P/S:LOVE my mangkok!! And really miss my family like Wawa said FAMILY is so important. In fact, Nothing’s precious than Family and Friends. FAMILY comes first!!!
Just imagine last time we thought that we didn’t want to go back for Hari Raya Haji and want to do voluntary work for Asean University Games just bcos the intensive RM300 and to meet many people (advantage). Hehe, Thank God, he made us still thinking rationally. We went back home

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preview for Kame's new drama..kami no shizuku..

I'm l:):)king forward for it

Kawaii videos from KATTUN to share

White X-Mas lyric new single from Kawaii, Kakoi, Baka Boys KATTUN

K: 銀色きらめく街 雨が雪に変わった
(Giniro kirameku machi ame ga yuki ni kawatta)
The street glittered with silver as rain becomes snow

夢色眩しい未来見てた あの日のクリスマス
(yumeiro mabushii miraimiteta anohi no CHRISTMAS)
I saw the dream colored future on that day of Christmas

(anata wo mitewaratta seinaruyoru ni)
I smiled at you on that sacred night

涙が溢れたね 永遠に(AK)好きなのに 何故
(namida ga afuretane eien ni sukinanoni naze)
The tears overflowed, though I will love you forever, why?

ALL:今雪が舞い散る この空の遠い向こうには
(ima yuki ga maichiru konosora no tooimukou niwa)
Now the snow dances as they fall, and at the sky far beyond here

新しい誰かが待つ 消せぬ想い抱きながら
(atarashii dareka ga matsu kesenuomoi dakinagara)
someone new is waiting, holding on to a feeling that will never fade

N:あの頃笑い合った 何も怖くなかった
(anokoro waraiatta nanimo kowakunakatta)
We smiled at each other in those days, we were not afraid of anything

T1:あなたの優しさを傷つけた あの日のクリスマス
(anata no yasashisa wo kizutsuketa ano hi no CHRISTMAS)
But I hurt your kindness, on that day of Christmas

U:夢とか希望探して 彷徨うだけ
(yumetoka kibousagashite samayou dake)
I searched for dream and hope, and I found nothing but lost

T2:見上げた空高すぎて 掴めないよ 届くのに 何故
(miageta sora takasugite tsukamenaiyo todokunoni naze)
The sky I look up to is too high, I cannot hold on to it even if I can reach it, Why?

ALL:今雪が舞い散る あの頃の迷わぬ気持ちは
(ima yuki ga maichiru anokoro no mayowanu kimochiwa)
Now the snow dances as they fall, the unhesitating feeling of those days

新しい明日へ続く 二度と戻らないストーリ
(atarashii asuhe tsuzuku nido to modoranai STORY)
continues on to a new tomorrow, a story that will never return

歩き出せば戸惑うけど 手で融けた雪の花びらは
(arukidaseba tomadoukedo tedetoketayuki no hanabirawa)
Even though I will wonder as I start walking, but the snowflakes that melted in my hand

またいつか巡り合って 心確かめるだろう
(mata itsuka meguriatte kokoro tashikameru darou)
will comeback again someday and reassure my heart

I love this song since it is because of KATTUN’s song. Hey, of course I have to support my boyfriend Kame Chan. Borrowed Ain’s proverb who said to his boyfriend “ I love You more than Yesterday”. I love Kame Chan more than Yesterday!!. Same like Wawa who wants to kiss Akanishi Jin- I felt once; really want to kiss and marry Kame chan. Haha, Kame’s fans might hostile me. Unfortunately, Kame is a year younger than me. Huhuhu. Its only ‘my dream’ who will never be reality. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to meet him and KATTUN to come in Malaysia on August or September next year. I hope that this project for welcome them to Malaysia will be successful. Hehe. Arghh my dream is also want to marry Cristiano Ronaldo and has his baby.But, I hope that my son will looks like his charming father. Haha. BAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shin Goon always told me that “gilerrr ko Uceng!!” when it comes to this. Ala just a dream, so nothing’s wrong rite??. Wawa always become optimist about this. For her who knows it will become reality. Let’s say if they come to Malaysia and dressing like they are an ordinary person and nobody recognize them. Unconsciously, we recognize them. Haha. Best10xxxxxxxxxxx. I wish!!!!. Hurm I’m out from the topic,.hehe :p Let’s talk about KATTUN’S new single White X-Mas. First time I heard this song I feel like crying!! Really, I’m not lying!! Without looking at the lyrics which is in (English translation), I cried. Maybe, because of Kame and other members of KATTUN sing it with all of their heart so that it made me crying. Kawaii, ne??. I really want to upload that PV into my blog but seems like it takes time. I dun want to wait. Hehe. LAZY :xxxD. However you all who wish to watch that PV can search it in You Tube. I’m telling you it is really Enjoyyyyyyyyyy and will make you feel calm!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm so HAPPY :) to HEAR this!!


Jr Entertainment already agree to give permission to his artist to come Malaysia.. One of them is KAT-TUN.Poprainbow are planning to do J-Pop concert aug/sept next year (2009) in Malaysia The most chosen J-Pop group might do their first concert in Malaysia. We plan to do a proposal to invite KAT-TUN come to Malaysia and this proposol will be send to Poprainbow.
You guyz can vote for KAT-TUN @
Poprainbowhere: Poprainbow > Feedback&Suggestion >
J-Pop Concert @ MalaysiaFirst, you need to register then wait for account validation.By answering this questionnaires, you will help us with the proposal...ur answer can be in english or malay..
1. Will you go to KAT-TUN concert here in Malaysia? [Yes/No/Will Consider]

2. May I know from which country you are?

3. Why you choose KAT-TUN as your favourite group?

4. In your opinion, what the ever superb thing KAT-TUN has done?

5. What is your wish to KAT-TUN in the future?You may answer all questions by

email :kattun_coloursky@yahoo.com


B)SubProject: WorldWide KAT-TUN Fans Signatures

"Besides Voting and Questionnaires, we also have another method to shows KAT-TUN that Malaysia really welcome KAT-TUN to do their concert in Malaysia. We plan to collect KAT-TUN fans signatures to show our support for the concert."Fans Voices: Support KAT-TUN Forever... we need at least 1000 signatures from KAT-TUN fans..we really need all fans support to make this project success. KAT-TUN fans from other countries are welcome to join this project :)
Dear KAT-TUN fans... with this project, we can make our dearest KAT-TUN WorldWide~We love to know your suggestion, comment, and feedback regarding this project. For KAT-TUN fans from other countries, we need volunteer to help us to collect the signatures and post to us~
~~~~~~~~~~~For those who willing to help us with the project, you can leave a message @ kattun_coloursky@yahoo.com~ don't forget to answer all questions from my previous post...~

Thanks so much for the support -Hugs-

Please spread the Love... cuz KAT-TUN is LOVE...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just thinking of H!m can make my Day!!!

Love Kame Chan so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hitz Morning Crew without RUDY!!! Sob Sob

Everyday I’m willing to wake up early in the morning just bcos to hear Rudy and JJ moaning and groaning. I love listen to that two ba’ka man making ‘gotcha’ to their listener out there. It’s dem funny though. The reason’s why I love Hitz.Fm more than other English Radio Stations as my breakfast show bcos Hitz.fm has such a great DJ like Rudy and JJ. I tell u wat I’m so impressed with Rudy who is a malay man but fluent in English. Great isn’t it? Magnificent!. He’s magnificent. After I’ve heard that he will not be on air for morning crew starting next week, I was so sad,ne..dissapointed..Sob Sob Sob..I’m gonna miss him ,..because before this the only reason that I want to wake up early just bcos to hear him and JJ membebel n doing ‘gotcha!!!!’. Unfortunately, after this he will not be wif us in the ‘morning crew ‘ anymore. Last Friday 28nov 2008 was the last day for him at ‘morning crew’. Huhuhu sdeynyerrr.. I dunno what the problem is. My friend told me maybe bcos of it’s rating but I dun think so. If it is bcos of rating Rudy, himself has lots of fans. Last Friday, there are many callers who is his fans called and say sorry, keep expressing their sad feelings about this changes .However, I thought,Maybe, the producer wants to do something new. Yeah, bcos NEW YEAR is around the corner,ne!! I dunno!! I’m not sure but Rudy will be on air for hitz 30 every Monday to Friday at 1pm to 4pm after this. Since he’s such a funny man he will make ur lunch day shining..hik hik.So that, to all of his fans dun forgets to listen to him and keep supporting him & Hitz.fm. Stay tuned!! I will ALWAYS SUPPORT for RUDY and of course ADAM C!! Hey Guys, give Ean the chance,ne!!! bcos he will replace Rudy at morning crew.


Wawa and me be friend for so long till we were in 1st year in University so no wonder she’s very close to me compared with other Mangkok. Besides, we’d shared many similarities which is both of us love shopping. We love the same guys; Cristiano Ronaldo, Kyle XY, Mas Dennis aka Samuel Zylgwyn Heckenbuckerbut I dunno why I have to become after her in this case. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo was her ex-bf before he is my husband right now. Huhuhu. “Lantak ko la, Machi”. We have the same opinion/taste about what kind of guy that we like. So that, I will always believe her if he said ‘laki tu hensem’. Hehe. That thing’s subjective, right? But usually, we’d shared same thoughts, la. “if laki tu wawa and other Mangkok kte hensem leh percaya”. Hehe. If ‘org len’ who is not Mangko kte .,it’s difficult for me to believe. Hehe. However, for Japanese Entertainer we’d love different guy. In KATTUN ; Wawa loves Akanishi Jin but I love my cHARming Kame chan. In Arashi; Wawa loves Aiba but I love Abg Nino and Ohno. In News; Wawa loves Shige in contrast I love Tegoshi. Hehe, Thank God!. Furthermore, Wawa and I love to watch football. ‘Lepak’ at mapley at 2,3 am with Shin Goon and sometimes with Bai;that’s normal to us. Guess which team we’d support to?..of course la Manchester United!! That’s clear enuff.
New year is around the corner, I want to fix my relationship with machi like we were in 1st year. I wasted lots of time these two years. Even, we r being together always but there’s time that we r off. It was bcos of me who become sensitive 0ften.huhu. Gomen!!!

Frens are great,ne??

from left:Wawa,Haze',me,Shakeez & Yana

I wonder how people can live without a friend. Yes, in fact it happens in our life without we realize that. True!! You just look around and keep thinking maybe some of your friends spent less time wif you after he/she has bf or gf. Unfortunately, these kind of friends spent almost 24 hours wif his/her bf or gf or in Malay language is ‘berkepik’ 24 jam.Hey, there it is..Actually, I dun want to talk about this to much bcos the main reason I writing my blog for today is bcos to tell you about my close pals in university,..when I was in University and
till now they are still my close pals after all.
Here we go..,.we built this friendship and give a weird, strange name calledmangkok’. I’m sure you all out there are wondering “what the h**l of this name,rite? But I’m not gonna tell you why we’d chose that name. Gomenasai!! . it’s personal and too unique to me and for others Mangkok too. Eventually, what makes this friendship beautiful bcos we’re from different faculty and different courses but we can be so ‘kamcing’ through thick and thin. However, like other relationship in this world..Mangkok itself has its own “on and off” ada pasang surutnya. That’s normal in a relationship, rite? But this on and off is totally unable to make us far, distance,..because we didn’t let it happen. Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah!! We still be together until now.,and I hope forever even we are getting married.!! I will not letMangkokends like we’d shared nothing. I will totally not letting that happen. Minna, Gambate kudasait!!! I want to be like Matsumoto Jun who love/ care about Arashi more than other members of Arashi and absolutely more than anyone else. Hik hik so let’s talk about each members of Mangkok. Mangkok comprising; Wawa poyo, Shakeez, Yana , Haze’ and me.

aka Deputy President of Mangkok; born on Jun 6 1985. She comes from Penang. She’s the most fashionable members in ‘Mangkok’and the most “poyo” one..haha ;p. She’s a nice and kind person actually, the most thing that I love about her is because she ddidn’t care what people gonna say about her. She knows what she wants and does what she wants. That’s it.

aka Ina; born on July 15 1986. She’s the tallest one in Mangkok.She comes from Melaka in other words her hometown is Melaka even she now staying at Kajang. She’s the one who also care about Mangkok much. She’s a helpful person; open hearted; the person who has enuff patient. Since she’s under JPA’s scholarship student so she treats us (Mangkok) so often when we hanging out together.

born on March 3rd 1986. She’s the small and slimmest one in Mangkok. She’s from Taiping, Perak. I found that Her hobby is writing. She loves to write; the interesting things such as proverb that she found in internet, newspaper, magazines, books or elsewhere. I thought she can be motivated when she writes that interesting proverb and then put on her white board in her room. I myself when read of that proverb become motivated too. I like.,.

Haze’ aka Sarangae born on January 10 1986. Her hometown is Sarawak. Except Wawa, she is also fashionable members in Mangkok. Her latest hobby is cooking. I think so.Heehee. L ately, she loves to buy recipe’s magazine and love to ask her office mates about many recipies. After that, she will try to cook once she get the recipe.That’s great,ne.

So ,.that’s is my close friends -Mangkok…,Loveyou Guys!!