I heart TOP

I heart TOP

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are Cristiano Ronaldo the most hated player in Old Trafford??

I am an ardent supporter of MU Football Club.Giggs is awesome, Rooney is adorable? Not for now..I dunno what's wrong wif him..However..Cristiano Ronaldo is the Best after aLL.With His repertoire of tricks,flicks and sKills,amazing spEEd that's n0t it tHough, despite Being a Tricky wiNger, He is Brilliant in the air, A pers0n wHo is tHe first to aRRive and the laST to g0.Being a compleTe package in Terms of pHYsique so He d0esn't even has the g00d gRAce 2 be uGLy.,the peRSon who kEEps His m0uth shut and let's His f00tball do the taLKing f0r the incident of winking affair wiTH Wayne Rooney. *Wayne Rooney was sent off in the WC.A plaYer with a diVine Gift, b0rn 2 be tHe beST plAYEr in tHe w0rld.With his hands0me,cHARming face *package* What's n0t to LOVE ab0ut Cristiano Ronaldo??Tell me xxxxxx
I dun think that u all have enuff cause to hate Cristiano...D*** you...

kawaii mykame chan..hontoni kokaku

My bf is Kamenashi Kazuya..I think dat He is EverYthing that I am l00king f0r or need or want in My life..^^building castle in the air^^ hik hik I love Kame bc0s He's sexy, I'm helpless wHEN he smiLes..Arghhh..He lighTens up my r00m and he liGhtens my load ..I feel happY when I'd wtched His concert wif Kattun.I'd been through enuff rElati0nship to understand mYself bEtter,mY desire and wHat exactly was tHAt? He has the saMe qualities that I Find in all people. *DEcenCy * Good enterTainER(cheer me up)*seLf-resPect wiTh an inTellect *Intelligent. Obvi0usly, He has a pretty face.All that GOOD stuff is nice.But, the m0st part, I love Kame bc0s of his Decency.Sexy,can I? Because of him..I dunno about loneliness...
Aishteru,Kame Chan!!!! Hontoni Sekides

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

kawa!! Akanishi Jin!! Baka Kame

I'm dying about Kattun when i watched the video from my online buddy in Multiply.
It was f****** funny,though..Ican't stop laughing..
There are English subtitles! This episode is where they have Leah Dizon as a guest. She's a Chinese/Filipino/French model/singer famous in Japan. This is only part of the show, 'kay? But it's the part that I like best. All the KT guys are so a-dork-able, I just love them, seriously. And I couldn't stop laughing when the confessions part came up. Jin was doing fine until he admitted that what he said were lyrics! Baka. That lyrics comes from Justin Timberlake's song ''my love''. Well, something that i'm impressed wif Jin was He speaks English well.Of course, ne bcos He went to LA for 6months just to learn English..Cool isn't it?? Ueda was just adorable! To me, his confession kind of sounded like: sorrybutcanIpleasehaveyournumber? I laughed so hard at that part...I wonder what would have happened if Junno had confessed... ^_^

;-maybe i shud upload thet vid into my blog but I have to ask Shin Goon first..How to upload

seems like it took much time to upload.i can't wait..huhu..hontoni gomenasaiii

Monday, November 24, 2008

my b!rthday

I'm gett!n' old..........